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The RoS Blooper Tape / Outtake Reel

Robin of Sherwood is famous for its number of outtakes. According to Mark Ryan in an interview at Brittanicon '95:
We were reknowned in England for being the only company that spent more money on its outtakes than we had done on an episode. Those outtakes are worth about 1 million pounds or something! The amount of actual screen time that we burnt up playing stupid jokes on each other! At one time, that video was the number one black market video! It's true!
Yes, there is such a thing as a RoS blooper/outtake tape (or rather tapes for there are 2 of them: one for Season 1 and 2 (Michael Praed), and one for Season 3 (Jason Connery)), but it is not for sale anywhere. Copies are circulating around out there -- of varying quality and completeness -- but none of them are "legal". The actors and others involved in RoS made the bloopers for their own personal use and sold them to raise money towards the Variety Club Sunshine Coach they bought for a school for the handicapped in Bristol. The crew own the copyright on the tapes and really don't want them being circulated or sold. A copy has been made available to Spirit of Sherwood to show at gatherings and conventions, but as you can understand we can't make copies of it for other fans. You can watch them at the Weekend in Sherwood conventions.

Thanks to Rache, here is a description of the contents of the tapes:

Tape I

Season 1

Season 2

Tape II

Season 3

RoS Bloopers on-line

There are a couple of RoS bloopers available on-line at YouTube:

RoS on-screen bloopers

Here is a list of RoS bloopers that actually made it into the episodes:
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