RoS Discussion Platforms

Want to get in touch with fellow Robin of Sherwood fans and discuss things RoS-related? Then you have several options: mailing lists and discussion forums.

RoS Mailing Lists

An electronic mailing list or discussion list is an online community of people who discuss a particular topic, in this case the HTV series "Robin of Sherwood", by E-mail. List members join a list by subscribing to it, usually by sending an E-mail message with a "subscribe" request. Members wishing to participate in the discussion send their message or post to a central address, where it is then distributed by E-Mail to the entire list, so every person subscribed to the list will receive the discussion by E-mail.

The RoS mailing list

The RoS mailing list is closely allied to Spirit of Sherwood. It was originally run manually by Spirit of Sherwood founder Christine Alexander, and became an automated mailing list in November 1995.
The list has about 200 members from all over the world, and is available in regular (members receive each post individually as it is distributed to the list) and digest (members receive so-called "digest" messages containing a series of complete postings from the regular list embedded within it) form.
The list is unmoderated and membership is open for everybody. Although primarily a RoS discussion list, fan fic and role playing (in limited amounts) are endorsed.

To subscribe to the regular RoS mailing list, send an E-mail to:

To unsubscribe from the regular RoS mailing list, send an E-mail to:

To subscribe to the digest RoS mailing list, send an E-mail to:

To unsubscribe from the digest RoS mailing list, send an E-mail to:

The Subject: field and the body are ignored, so fill in anything you like or leave them "blank".

Yahoo! Groups

There are several Robin of Sherwood mail lists on Yahoo! Groups (formerly eGroups):
  1. RobinOfSherwood.
    Founded July 24, 1999. Members: 862. Language: English. Unmoderated (posts from new members require approval), open membership, members-only archive.
    This list is dedicated to fans of the 1980's British TV show Robin Of Sherwood. It is a friendly list and all aspects of RoS can be discussed here. Please no fan-fiction on the list - if you have written some that you would like to share please post to the shared files and then mail us to let us know!
  2. RobinOfTheHood.
    Founded July 31, 1999. Members: 12. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive. Activity rare after March 2004.
    This list is loosely (very loosely) based on the Robin of Sherwood tv series..If you havent seen it then imagine Robin Hood battling sorcerers and all sorts of nasty fantasy creatures. Based in Sherwood forest, you can be any main character or make up your own..Be an outlaw..a sorcerer...even a dragon..
    For more information, see the Robin of the Hood RPG website.
  3. RoS_PL.
    Founded July 5, 2000. Members: 54. Language: Polish. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive.
    Robin of Sherwood to serial z pewnoscia ponadczasowy. To nie jakas tam kolejna, zwykla produkcja... RoS ma w sobie magie... przyciaga... czaruje... i zmienia nasze zycie na zawsze... Jezeli raz uleglo sie fascynacji, ta pozostaje juz do konca... RoS zyje, w sercach fanow, w sercach tych 'zaczarowanych' dla ktorych stal sie czyms wiecej niz tylko kolejna opowiescia o Banicie z Sherwood... Bo wlasnie ta jedna byla, jest i bedzie niezwykla... Zapraszam do ogniska w wirtualnym lesie Sherwood... zapraszam do dyskusji, dzielenia sie wspomnieniami, przemysleniami... Do wspolnego przezywania serialu...
  4. robinofsherwood2.
    Founded: Apr 21, 2001. Members: 33. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, public archive. No activity since August 2004.
    Robin of Sherwood is out on video, tho the rather lush limited editions, and Boxsets have been deleted... So no free postcards for you! ;) Altho we have an ETA of Feb (UK) for the DVD editions, (both single and boxsets!) from the sounds of it they're jam full of extras! =) Rewatch, enjoy, join, discuss. Also - any info on the spectrum computer game would be appreciated!
  5. HeartofSherwood.
    Founded Aug 25, 2001. Members: 97. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive.
    Based on the 80's TV show, Robin of Sherwood, this is a story-format rpg, and a collaborative piece of fan-fiction rather than a "game" where writers compete against each other without consultation.
    The group's complimenting website is: Heart of Sherwood.
  6. RHRPG.
    Founded: Oct 17, 2002. Members: 17. Language: English. Unmoderated, open membership, members-only archive. Last activity in August 2009.
    This is based off the TV show Robin of Sherwood.
  7. rhiannonswheel.
    Founded: Jan 25, 2003. Members: 2. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive. No activity since August 2004.
    It is a time of turning. The common people, reliant for so long on Robin Hood's aid for their livlihoods, are without a hope, and Rhiannon's Wheel turns. Herne calls a new son to be their hope. A "Robin of Sherwood" RPG.
  8. AddiesFaction.
    Founded June 19, 1999. Members: 113. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive.
    This is the mailing list for the fanclub of British actor Robert Addie. The purpose being to provide news and general chat about Robert's work. You do not need to be a member of the fanclub to be on the mailing list.
  9. Jason Connery.
    Founded: Jun 14, 1999. Members: 121. Language: English. Unmoderated, open membership, public archive.
    This is the no.1 Jason Connery email community. This is where you find friends and share news, views, thoughts and emotions about Jason.
  10. Michael Praed.
    Founded: Jul 18, 2000. Members: 235. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive.
    A friendly group for all fans of Michael Praed, to discuss his career, his music, his outstanding acting talent and to have a friendly chat with each other about everything else, as long as Michael stays the Number One subject :) Everyone is welcome. We love having new members join us and share their stories of getting fascinated with Michael.
  11. nickolasgrace_nexus.
    Founded: May 15, 2004. Members: 40. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive.
    Most of us know Nickolas Grace for his outstanding performance as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin of Sherwood. But I'm sure most of us have seen him in other things too! If you are interested in keeping up with his newest projects, chat about him and his roles - this nexus is the place to be for you!
  12. your_favourite_ear.
    Founded: April 23, 2005. Members: 10. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive. No activity since June 2009.
    A new fan fiction group dedicated to the HTW and Goldcrest British TV series, Robin of Sherwood. Feel free to post your fiction, but note that emphasis is on fan fiction stories that remain true to the spirit of the series.
  13. Robinhood_praed.
    Founded: April 6, 2006. Members: 2. Language: German. Moderated, restricted membership, no archive. Last activity in June 2006.
    hallo ihr,na geht jemand noch die tv serie aus den 80ern mit michael praed als robin of sherwood und jason connery?sucht ihr auch leute mit denen ihr über diese serie reden könnt oder einfach gleichgesinnte?dann seit ihr bei meiner group richtig.also es würde mich freuen euch bei mir begrüssen zu können.
  14. Sherwood_taverne.
    Founded: October 14, 2006. Members: 8. Language: English. Unmoderated, open membership, public archive. No activity since November 2010.
    For Russian-speaking admirers of a serial "Robin of Sherwood", 1983-86
  15. ROS_Fanfiction_Group.
    Founded: March 23, 2008. Members: 3. Language: English. Unmoderated, open membership, public archive. Only activity in March 2008.
    Group for fanfiction of the British television 1980's show Robin Of Sherwood, crossovers are welcome.
  16. Tales of Sherwood Forest.
    Founded: August 31, 2008. Members: 24. Language: English. Unmoderated, restricted membership, members-only archive.
    Tales of Sherwood Forest is A Robin Of Sherwood fan magazine gone online. And for fans of the ITV series Robin of Sherwood and its cast. This magazine/newsletter is supported by Nickolas Grace, Jeremy Bulloch, Phil Rose, Richard Carpenter, Annabelle Lee, Nigel Bell. Join us if you like to keep up to date! As we will send you regulary newsletters for free...
  17. nothingforgotten2013.
    Founded: August 13, 2010. Members: 18. Language: English. Unmoderated, open memebership, no archive. Activity rare.
    This site is for the conference for the Tv series Robin of Sherwood. Starting Michael Praed and Jason Connery
Although everybody is welcome, the Yahoo! Groups are mainly populated by UK and other European RoS fans.

RoS Discussion Forums

An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations, in this case about the HTV series "Robin of Sherwood", in the form of posted messages. Messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived. A single conversation is called a thread or topic. A discussion forum is hierarchical or tree-like in structure: a forum can contain a number of subforums, each of which may have several topics. Within a forum's topic, each new discussion started is called a thread, and can be replied to by as many people as so wish.

Spirit of Sherwood Facebook

Although strictly not an discussion forum, it is possible to exchange messages regarding Robin of Sherwood on the Spirit of Sherwood Facebook.

Nothing's Forgotten Discussion Forum

The Nothing's Forgotten Discussion Forum is for discussing the TV series Robin of Sherwood (e.g. the episodes) and related topics. It started in May 2014 as a consequence of The Hooded Man convention, and is run by Lucy and Dennis Collin, who once ran the Nothing's Forgotten RoS fanclub. The forum also has a Facebook page.
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