RoS Fanart

RoS Paintings and Drawings

Enednoviel has a Fan Art page on her Amberskys Robin of Sherwood-Seite webpage, with RoS fan art by Ebe, Morgwyn and herself. She has created a Robert of Huntingdon portrait, and plans to do one of Robin of Loxley too.

Michael Praed's Fanfare fanclub has a Michael Praed art gallery which features a number of pictures of Michael as Robin of Loxley from various artists.

RoS Figurines

Leigh-Ann De Lany makes custom-designed hand-sculpted bisque RoS figurines, amongst others of Robin of Loxley, Marion, and Herne. Spirit of Sherwood members get a discount.

Mr. Panton Hall from Nottingham has made figurines of all the Merries. The figurines were displayed at the Legend 2008 convention and exhibited in The Tales of Robin Hood the summer of 2008. Please contact his sister, Annette Furuyama, at for information.

RoS Desktop Themes and Wallpapers

RoS Computer Art

Roderick Davies (Trelawny) has created a wealth of computer-generated RoS art:

Matthias Wieprecht made this stained glass version of the illustration from the Clannad "Legend" album.

RoS Video Art

Anne Swaine created two wonderful RoS videoclips for Legend 2004:

Roderick Davies, Clare Fitzpatrick and 'Figgy Biscuit' have created a wonderful 1:30 min, 19 Mb RoS video clip called 'Nothing Is Ever Forgotten', with snippets of the conversations between Herne and his sons from Season 1 and 2.
Roderick Davies (Trelawny) also made this 1:09 min, 16 Mb RoS video clip called 'Leaford Grange', that gives a bird's-eye view over Leaford Grange. And he shot some footage with a RoS type feel of the mediaeval festival 'Joust' at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, UK in July 2006.

Ed Stradling made a 5:03 min, 20 Mb RoS music video to Don Henley's End of the Innocence with scenes from Season 1 and 2 (most featuring Loxley).

Christine Schmidt has a couple of self-made RoS videos up on her webpage:
- "Miss you so !" - A video for Robin and Marion (17,9 Mb).
- "Nasir !" - For Mark Ryan the secret Saracen (17,6 Mb).
- "Secret of Love" - A video for Robin and Marion again :-) (8,81 Mb)

N.B.: These videoclips are in Windows Media Video (WMV) format and require Windows MediaPlayer 9 or 10 or higher.

Christine Haire made a RoS photo montage/music video to the song "Stretch the Bow" by Avalon (from their "Higher Ground" album).

N.B.: This videoclip requires the ActiveX control Adobe Flash Player 9 to be installed.

RoS Wood Art

Michael Haire, Christine's brother, does scrollsaw wood art and has designed and cut this Nasir portrait. He hopes to do further RoS characters, if there is interest.

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