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The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group

The UK OFFSTAGE Theatre Group did two theatrical parodies / recaps of Robin of Sherwood:

The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group is a multimedia organisation, enjoying award-winning writing and acting success since being set up as a touring company in 1991.

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Living Room Productions

USA RoS fans Andy and Jillyn Jacobs of Living Room Productions created The Legend of Robin Hood - A Musical Adventure in 2 Acts, which premiered in Denver, Colorado in August 2015. It is not a RoS-specific musical, but it tells the story of Robin Hood in a musical that honors the spirit of fun and adventure that the best RH stories have, namely Robin of Sherwood.

The Legend of Robin Hood - Musical Demo Reel

A professional recording of the live show was shot on the final day of the run, and is now available on DVD and CD worldwide from Living Room Productions. Prices are U$ 20 for the DVD, U$ 10 for the soundtrack CD, and U$ 25 for DVD+CD (excluding shipping) - payable by PayPal. DVDs are available for every region, just let them know which DVD region you want.

The show has been given a rating of PG for stage violence and mild language by its creators, and is intended for all audiences. The show was performed in English, and currently no translations services are available.

Rights for further theatrical runs are also available.

Living Room Productions can be contacted by e-mail at:

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