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Various episodes

Various people: "Nothing's forgotten...nothing's ever forgotten."

[Old prisoner with Arfur the rat in Nottingham dungeon welcoming new prisoners]
Old Prisoner: "Say hullo to Arfur."

[Old prisoner with Arfur the rat in Nottingham dungeon to all other prisoners, on how to get out]
Old Prisoner: "Feet first. It's the only way."

[The Merries concocting a plan to get into Nottingham Castle, which will invariably succeed]
Various people: "You can't get into Nottingham Castle."

Robin Hood and the Sorceror

[Ailric of Loxley with his dying breath]
Ailric: "He's coming... The Hooded Man is coming."

[Abbot Hugo de Rainault is furious about Sir Guy of Gisburne's incapability to capture Robin Hood]
Hugo: "I'll have Gisburne excommunicated!"
Sheriff: "Have him hanged, it's quicker."

[Will Scarlet to Robin of Loxley and Much in the Nottingham Castle dungeons]
Will: "A cold November night. Soldiers, drunk... mercenaries. They took her from me, and when they'd finished with her, they trampled her to death with their horses. And then they laughed. Laughed! My name was Will Scathlock. It's Scarlet now."

[Robin of Loxley to Lady Marion, when he sees her for the first time]
Robin: "You are like a May morning."

[Herne the Hunter and Robin of Loxley]
Robin: "You're no god."
Herne: "We can all of us be gods. All of us!"

[Herne the Hunter to Robin of Loxley]
Herne: "They are all waiting. The blinded, the maimed, the men locked in the stinking dark, all wait for you. Children with swollen bellies hiding in ditches wait. The poor, the dispossessed, they all wait. You are their hope. You cannot escape. So must it be. Robin i' the Hood!"

[Robin of Loxley to the Merries after his meeting with Here the Hunter]
Robin: "Listen to me. Our friends who were killed, they'll never starve, or be tortured or chained in the dark. They're here with us, in Sherwood, and they always will be... because they're free. You were sleeping. You've slept too long - we all have. It's time we woke. It's time we stopped running."

[Abbot Hugo de Rainault to Sir Guy of Gisburne]
Hugo: "Venite in pacem. Don't take any prisoners."

Robin: "Stay here in Sherwood."
Marion: "In Sherwood? And be your May queen? But what will I be when winter comes?"
Robin: "I'd build a fire at the cave's mouth, wrap you in sheepskin, and hold you close."

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to his brother, Abbot Hugo]
Sheriff: "Gisburne's brains are in his backside. It's not more men he needs, it's more up here." [slaps his head]

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The Witch of Elsdon

[Meg of Wickham to Little John]
Meg: "So that's why they call you Little John."

[Robin of Loxley isn't yet into women's lib and won't allow Marion to actually fight]
Marion: "What am I to you?"
Robin: "Everything!"
Marion: "Everything. Yes. Wife, cook and nurse."

[Robin of Loxley about Marion, when she's "attacking" her male companions]
Robin: "She's worse than Gisburne!"

Tuck: "It brings tears to your eyes..."
John: "It will do if you don't get off me foot!"

Sheriff: "What a worrier you are, Gisburne! You must learn patience if you're ever to take service with me. And tact - you're very short on tact. "
Gisburne: "I believe in action, my Lord!"
Sheriff: "Ah yes, action. The eternal excuse for not stopping to think."

Sheriff: "Soldiers have a habit of dying. It's an occupational hazard."

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Seven Poor Knights from Acre

Will: "You'll get too big for your boots, you will."
Robin: "Then I'll get bigger boots."

Gisburne (spotting Much): "The half-wit, my Lord, the half-wit!"
Sheriff (looking at Gisburne): "Which one?"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisburne are leaving the Knights Templar]
Sheriff: "Come along, Gisburne. It's time we left the brothers to their devotion."
Gisburne: "My Lord, I must protest!"
Sheriff: "I'd rather you didn't. Just get back on your horse and stop making an exhibition of yourself!"

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Alan A Dale

[Alan a Dale tells the Merries he is going to kill the Sheriff]
Alan A Dale: "To save the lady of my heart, I would ride through fire."
John: "Not on that horse, you wouldn't!"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne after his wrestling in the mud with Robin Hood]
Sheriff: "Gisburne, stop playing around in the mud and come up here. You look like a decaying dung heap! Keep down wind of me for the love of Christ!"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne, in reaction to his suggestion to burn Wickham down and drive its villagers into the forest - as an example]
Sheriff: "As an example of what? Hmm? I'll tell you, Gisburne, shall I? Since you are obviously incapable of answering my question. As an example of your stupidity! [...] Those people are my property. The fields that they work are my fields. And your masterly plan is to drive them into the forest to join up with that wolfshead!"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne]
Sheriff: "It's a wedding, Gisburne, not a celebration!"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisburne]
Sheriff: "Why on earth did I agree to be united in the unholy bounds of matrimony with a pansy-face sixteen year old virgin? That is - if she is still a virgin, of course. Do you think it is worth the money, Gisburne? Could it possibly be worth ten thousand marks?"..."Why don't you answer?"
Gisburne: "I assumed the question was rethorical, my lord."
Sheriff: "Never assume anything, Gisburne, except an occasional air of intelligence!"
Gisburne: "When will the... ceremony take place, my lord?"
Sheriff: "When I'm drunk enough to go through with it!"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne, on Meg of Wickham]
Sheriff: "Another one of your little mistakes, is she, Gisburne?"

[Little John to Friar Tuck as he hoists him into the wain]
John: "Eh, lad, you're losing weight."

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne, when Gisburne had his men practice cheering the Sheriff on command]
Sheriff: "Well, put them back in their little box or do something with them!"

[Alan a Dale explaining to Guy of Gisburne why he is replacing Father Giraldus for the Sheriff's wedding]
Alan A Dale: "On his return to the church, he was seized with the most dreadful pains. Vehement gripes in the bowels all through Evensong - a most unseasonable sweat throughout his body - a loud singing in his ears - a fearful tremble in his limbs - "
Gisburne: "Probably the pork".

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The King's Fool

[King Richard to Will Scarlet]
King Richard: "Pigs will fly when I return, will they?! Well, where are they? Nesting?"

[Will Scarlet to the other Merries]
Will: "I trust very few people and I am looking at all of 'em now. I'd die for each one of you, but there's no way I'm going to Nottingham."

[Little John to Robin of Loxley]
John: "I loved you, Robin. You were the Hooded Man, Herne's Son, the people's hope. Now... now you're the King's fool.

[King Richard will reward Sir Guy of Gisburne if he murders Robin Hood]
King Richard: "Tell him there's some land in it for him."
Sheriff: "Very generous, My Liege!"
King Richard: Not so generous; it's in Wales."

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The Swords of Wayland

[Nasir introduces himself in full to Gareth of Uffcombe]
Nasir: "Nasir Malik Kamal Inal Ibrahin Shams ad Duala Watthab ibn Mahmud."
John: "Nasir Malik Kamal...K-K-Kamal...K-K-Kamal Nasir Mal.." (giving up)

[Little John to Friar Tuck, when he complains about the distance to Uffcombe]
John: "We'll roll you there!"

[Robin of Loxley to Much, who is afraid of the demons]
Robin (defiantly): "We'll be the demons!"

[Will Scarlet about Morgwyn of Ravenscar, the High Priestess of the Cauldron of Lucifer, the most powerfull witch coven in England]
Will: "Tell her she can go to hell!"
Verdelet: "She expects to."

Little John: "You'll pay for his death! By heaven, you'll pay!"
Morgwyn of Ravenscar: "No. Not by heaven."

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Lord of the Trees

[Converstation between Abbot Hugo de Rainault and Bertrand de Nivelles at their first meeting]
Hugo: "Don't you talk to me like that!"
De Nivelles: "I'll speak to you as I like! As I speak to any man. Even one in skirts!"
Hugo: "I'll have you excommunicated!"
De Nivelles: "Too late, it's already been done."

[Edward of Wickham to Sir Guy of Gisburne, who thinks he has found evidence of poaching]
Edward: "Those antlers are nigh on a hundred years old. If you want the man who killed that stag you 'll have to dig him up."

[Bertrand de Nivelles to Meg of Wickham who is serving the Brabancons]
Bertrand: "Do you like handsome men, ma petite chou-chou?"
Meg: "Yeah, d'you know any?"

[Robin of Loxley and Will Scarlet have a discussion about whether to kill off the captured Sir Guy of Gisburne and the Brabancons]
Robin: "If we kill Gisburne in cold blood, then we'd be no better than he is."
Will: "Well, what makes you think we are?"

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The Prophesy

[Conversation about the old prisoner between Mark and Little John in Nottingham dungeon]
Mark: "What's he in for?"
John: "The old man?"
Mark: "No, the rat!"

[Prince John is coming to visit Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisburne is being briefed on how to handle him]
De Leon: "Oh, and he takes a bath twice a week."
Gisburne: "Whatever for!?"
De Leon: "It's his custom."
Gisburne: "How extraordinary!"

[Abbot Hugo de Rainault to Robin of Loxley, when he is captured]
Hugo: "You villain! Have you no respect for the Church?"
Robin: "Not while you're in it."

[Will Scarlet questioning Abbot Hugo de Rainault, threatening him with a dagger]
Will: "Which is your favourite ear? Is it your left ear, or is it your right?"

[Abbot Hugo de Rainault is looking for Sir Guy of Gisburne]
Hugo: "Where's Gisburne, My Lord?"
Prince John: "I've had him removed."
Hugo (alarmed): "Removed?!"
Prince John: "Not from this world, Abbot, though I confess I was tempted."

[When Sir Guy of Gisburne is in Nottingham dungeon, getting a pail of filthy slops thrown onto him]
Old Prisoner: "Look Arfur, it's raining!"

[Will Scarlet and Nasir scale the walls of Nottingham Castle to rescue Sir Richard of Leaford]
Norman Soldier: "Who goes there?"
Will: "A friend."
Norman Soldier (as he is being knocked off the wall): "AAAAHHHHH!!"
Will: "Not your friend."

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The Children of Israel

[The Sheriff of Nottingham has just returned from London]
Gisburne: "My Lord - I thought..."
Sheriff: "You thought, did you, Gisburne? What a pity I wasn't here! When did you have this though of yours? When I was in London, or was it more recently? Surely such an earth-shattering event would linger in the memory. Or was it this morning, perhaps? While I was being attached?!"
Gisburne: "But my Lord..."
Sheriff: "But! Yes, the butt of everyone in Nottingham, aren't you?"
Gisburne: "You insult me!"
Sheriff: "I do! And will continue to do so as long as you give me cause."
Gisburne: "I am not your whipping boy!"
Sheriff: "Aren't you, Gisburne?"

[The Sheriff is trying to wiggle out of paying back a loan from Joshua de Talmot]
Sheriff: "Do you know what you remind me of? A leech. A blood-sucking leech!"
De Talmont: "Your sickness needs more than a leech, my Lord. Envy is hatred without a cure."
Sheriff: "You forget who I am!"
De Talmont: "Not at all. You are my servant."
Sheriff: "Your what?!"
De Talmont: "Certainly. You have borrowed money from me. 'The borrower is servant to the lender.' Book of Proverbs, part of your Bible as well as of ours."

[Joshua de Talmont will not accuse the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisburne of massacring the Jews in Nottingham]
De Talmont: "The most beautiful thing anyone can do, Sarah, is forgive. It is also the sweetest form of revenge."

[Joshua de Talmont and his daughter Sarah]
Sarah: "You made an enemy today."
De Talmont: "A man who never made an enemy never made anything."

[Herne the Hunter and Robin of Loxley]
Robin: "I've lost my aim!"
Herne: "Then aim again."
Robin: "To what purpose? To what end?"
Herne: "There is no end and no beginning. It is enough to aim."

[Sir Guy of Gisburne shows he really understands women...]
Sarah de Talmont: "Everything about you disgusts me. Your arrogance, your cruelty, your ignorance and your conceit! How did you think that I could marry you? You, with my people's blood on your hands! To be your wife? To renounce everything that I believe in? I loathe you, I despise you, and I'd rather die than have anything to do with you!"
Gisburne: "You're hysterical. It's been an ordeal, I know. I can see that you need a man to match your spirit..."

[Will Scarlet hands Sarah back the money he stole from De Talmonds]
Robin: "You robbed them?!"
Will: "Yes, well - I've been wrong before. I'm not saying you're right all the time - 'cos you ain't. But you brought us all together and there's only one leader - Well, that it!"

[Joshua de Talmont will not accuse the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisburne of massacring the Jews in Nottingham]
De Talmont: "The most beautiful thing anyone can do, Sarah, is forgive. It is also the sweetest form of revenge."

[The Sheriff couldn't leave the Cabala alone...]
Much: "Sir, what did he see in the book that made him go mad?"
De Talmont: His own... wickedness?"

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The Enchantment

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne when he learns that Gisburne has questioned and killed Baron De Belleme's witch without his permission trying to discover the whereabouts of De Belleme's jewels]
Sheriff: "I don't like surprises, Gisburne. I never have. Especially not when you are involved."

[Sir Guy of Gisburne to Ralph of Huntingdon while cutting his rope]
Gisburne: "The Sheriff was right. He said that you'd go far."

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The Greatest Enemy

[Herne the Hunter to Robin of Loxley]
Herne: "Each man travels along one path and at the end of it - if he has the courage - he will meet himself and know his power."

[Robin of Loxley and Marion saying goodbye on the tor]
Marion: "Are we going to die?"
Robin: "Everyone dies."
Marion: "That's not what I said."
Robin: "I know. It's not over yet."
Robin: "I thought you had more courage."
Marion: "Courage?!"
Robin: "To stay alive. Dying's easy."
Robin: "There are so many things I want to say to you but time's caught up and now I'll never say them. Except that I loved you from the first moment I saw you and every moment since."
Robin: "Do you want them to win?"
Marion: "I don't care about them."
Robin: "But you must. For the sake of everything we've meant to each other, you must care - because that way you'll keep alive all we believed in. And I can't die then, can I?"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisburne are trying to work out who the Hooded Man was who rescued the Merries in Wickham]
Sheriff: "And just when I'd begun to believe it was all over. How stupid of me. It's not over. It will never be over."

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Herne's Son

[Marion and her father run into the Sheriff of Nottingham and his brother at Huntingdon Castle]
Sheriff: "The King is... inclined to be unpredicatable. Almost capricious, one might say."
Sir Richard of Leaford: You might... behind his back."

[During the fight between Lord Owen of Clun and Robert of Huntingdon at the banquet in Huntingdon Castle]
Lord Owen: "You insolent puppy! I'll cut you into pieces!"
Robert: "How many pieces?"
Lord Owen: "I'll see you in hell!"
Robert: "You'll be there first"

[Little John to Robert of Huntingdon, explaining why he believed in Robin of Loxley]
John: "The fire burned bright in him and for a while it warmed us all. But he's gone and the fire went with him."

[Robert of Huntingdon is trying to rouse Little John]
Robert: "Little John. Little Brain more like."

[John, Much, and Tuck are trying to remember where Will has gone]
John: "Lichfield! That's where Scarlet's brother lives. I said it began with 'L'!"
Tuck: "And if I know Scarlet, it'll end with 'ell too."

[Robert of Huntingdon is trying to win Will Scarlet over]
Robert: "I got you a drink."
Will (taking the drink): "I still don't like you."
Robert: "I'll drink to that!"
Will: "Then have one on me!" (smashing the jar over Robert's head)

[Sir Guy of Gisburne trips into the cellar of Amos Scathlock's tavern]
William Sparrow: "You left the trapdoor open, cousin Ambrose." Closes trapdoor. "Sorry about that, Ginsberg!"

[Will Scarlet is remembering the "old days"...]
Will: "We used to be fast. Fast as wolves. No one could take us. We could go anywhere, do anything. We've lost it."

[Brother Tuck can't get the signal fire to light]
Tuck: "The flames of hell would be easier to light!"

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The Power of Albion

[Will Scarlet and Edward of Wickham are arguing about the burial of the man who was sent to spy on Lady Marion and accidentally fell and broke his neck]
Will: "We'll wait til night fall."
Edward: "No Will, it's got to be done now. Bad luck to bury him after dark."
Will: "Bad luck? Who for? Him or you?"
Edward: "Him of course."
Will: "Well, I think he's had his bad luck."
Edward: "Depends where he's going, doesn't it?"

[Robert of Huntingdon is trying to win the Sheriff of Nottingham]
Robert: "Here's another one, My Lord. How does a forester shake a poacher's hand?"
Sheriff: "I don't know. How does a forester shake a poacher's hand?"
Robert: "On a piece of string!"
Sheriff (laughing): "Oh, I really must try to remember that one!"

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The Inheritance

Nasir (holding up an arrow): "I found this."
Will: "Oh, that's wonderful, that is. An arrow! I got enough arrows of me own!"
Nasir (sighs): "It's a sign."

[Brother Tuck has found Isadora in the forest]
John: "Well, well, Brother Tuck... with company! I send you out to bag us some lunch, and this is what you bring back. I must say, your aim is improving!"

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The Cross of St. Ciricus

[Lady Margaret of Gisburne when she catches her son, Sir Guy of Gisburne, stealing the Cross of St. Ciricus]
Lady Margaret: "Guy, what have you become!?"
Gisburne: "What you made me..."

[Will Scarlet ranting about having caught leprosy]
Will: "I got it for sure! I'll kill myself!"
Much: "We might be lucky..."
Will: "Lucky? You might be. You might be lucky. Not me, not with my luck! I've got it! I know I've got it!"

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Cromm Cruac

[Despite appearances, the Abbot of Thornton Abbey is actually quite fond of Brother Tuck...]
Abbot: "Has the devil send an apparition to haunt me, or is it Brother Tuck?"
Tuck: "You look well, Father."
Abbot: "I am well. And all the better for having seen the back of you!"
Abbot (inviting Tuck and Marion): "Come, bring the cut-throat in."
Abbot: "So that's what you've come for: the library! I seem to remember the warming house and the kitchen were more to your taste..."
Abbot: "Come and visit us again, Brother Tuck. Satan may have laid claim to your body, perhaps there's still hope for your soul."
Tuck: "Thank you, Father."
Abbot: Don't thank me, just go. Before your example undermines all our faith. (to himself) And my blessings go with you."

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The Betrayal

[The villagers are not very useful in providing an accurate description of Robin Hood...]
King John: "De Rainault, your scribes have set down more evidence than in the Doomsday Book! Utterly incredible! It's a conflicting mess of misinformation! Robin Hood is tall, short, stocky, slight, dark, fair, bearded, clean-shaven...This one insists that he's a dwarf. A dwarf! And where do we find him? In a cave, down a well, up a tree, near Wickham, Dexford, Ashley, Claverton... Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Imbeciles!"

[The Merries have met up with their doubles]
Roger de Carnac: "You're here. Come like pigs to the slaughterhouse."
Robert: "No, you're the pigs."
Will: "That's an insult - To pigs."

[Little John to Will, about his double]
John: "He's better looking than you!"

[Robert of Huntingdon has just rescued Marion from a game of conquest with King John]
Robert: I like your dress. It goes with your eyes."
Marion: That's what the King said."
Robert (snorting): Did he?"
Marion (teasing): Are you jealous?"
Robert: Jealous? No... (long pause) Yes!"

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Adam Bell

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne, after the Sheriff's suggestion to use Robin Hood to find Adam Bell]
Sheriff: "What are you snickering about, Gisburne? Are you laughing at me?!"
Gisburne: "No, my Lord, but I thought..."
Sheriff: "That's the trouble, Gisburne, you thought. You never think!"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisburne preparing the ransom for the Sheriff's little nephew Martin]
Sheriff: "Ninety-nine... one hundred gold marks exactly."
Gisburne: "I did count it, my Lord."
Sheriff: "I know, Gisburne, but one can never be too sure."
Gisburne: "My Lord, are you questioning my --"
Sheriff: "Your honour? No, no, no, no. Just your ability to count."

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Sir Guy of Gisburne]
Sheriff: "You know the game I once played with young Martin? I told him there were two ways you can win: luck and cunning. But of course, there is a third."
Gisburne: "A third?"
Sheriff: "Yes. You can cheat."

[Lady Isabel, Martin's mother and widow of Edward the Rainault, accuses the Sheriff of Nottingham of corrupting his little nephew]
Lady Isabel: "Edward was everything that you aren't!"
Sheriff: "He still is: he's dead."

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The Prentender

[Queen Hadwisa cares more for animals than for the Sheriff of Nottingham...]
Queen Hadwisa: "I understand the Sheriff is indisposed?"
Gisburne: "Sadly yes, My Lady. He was... bitten by a dog."
Queen Hadwisa: "Poor creature."

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[King John is plagued by a mysterious illness]
King's aide: "You must rest... "
King John: "Rest?! Rest?! And who will deal with the unrest that De Rainault's fled from? [...] Fine Sheriff! Trots off on a pilgrimage to Canterbury at the first sign of trouble!"
Gisburne: "Perhaps he knew you were coming, My Liege?" (King John trows him a scorching look) "- to, eh, deal with it... "

[The Merries once again pulled it off...]
King John: "And why did Robin Hood escape, Gisburne?"
Gisburne: "My Lord King..."
King John: "Because you are incompetent! Inept! Inadequate! And incompetent!"

[Lord Edgar finally pays the penalty for what he did to Mad Mab in the past]
Mad Mab: "Hay is for horses, straw is for cows, milk is for little pigs. Death finds you now!"

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The Sheriff of Nottingham

[The Sheriff can't accept that Robin Hood is back and Sir Guy of Gisburne is playing the psychiatrist]
Gisburne: "It's always Robin Hood... Robin Hood. Anyone would think he was the only wolfshead in Sherwood!"
Sheriff "But he is, Gisburne. The only one that matters."
Gisburne: "You made him what he is. Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Your two sides of the same coin."
Sheriff: "What! You forget who you speak to!"
Gisburne: "But it's true, isn't? It's an obsession. A disease. But you'll never get rid of him... because he's part of you."

[Sir Guy of Gisburne and the Sheriff of Nottingham are checking all the people who are leaving Nottingham, hoping to catch the wolfsheads]
Sheriff: "What's your name?"
Peasant: "Carter."
Sheriff: "And what you are carrying, Carter?"
Peasant: "Hay."
Sheriff: "Hay?"
Peasant: "Hay!"
Sheriff: "Do you know who I am?!"
Peasant: "I'm Carter, that's hay, that's the Sheriff!"

[The Merries are escaping Nottingham dressed up as flagellants, and Much complains that Will lashed him too hard]
John: "He needs to see a physician."
Nasir (quasi-serious): "It will be too late."
Much (panicking): "Too late?!"

[Robert de Rainault, the former Sheriff of Nottingham, to Hubert de Giscard, about his successor Philip Mark]
ex-Sheriff: "And you think you can trust Nottingham to this...this...posturing catamite?!"

[When Robert de Rainault, now ex-Sheriff, ends up in his own dungeon, he gets to meet the old prisoner there]
Old Prisoner: "Feet first, it's the only way. It's the only way for The Sheriff of Nottingham."
ex-Sheriff (sighs): "I am The Sheriff of Nottingham!"
Old Prisoner: "Twenty-seven years I've been here. I think it's twenty-seven years. Then I want to ask you something."
ex-Sheriff: "Oh, what is it?"
Old Prisoner: "When are they going to change the straw?!"

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The Time of the Wolf

[The Sheriff of Nottingham is a little overworked and takes it out on Sir Guy of Gisburne]
Sheriff: "Ah, Gisburne. A little hard of hearing, are we? What are you doing in your armour?"
Gisburne: "The tournament."
Sheriff: "What tournament?"
Gisburne: "At Derby. I'm in the Earl's team!"
Sheriff: "You think I employ you to go careering around the countryside getting your head knocked off whilst I stay here at Nottingham slaving away from cockcrow to sunset? Look at this, look at it! Fines, leases, receipts!"
Gisburne: "You said I could go!"
Sheriff: "I said I'd consider it. Well, I have, and you can't. Not now."

[Sir Guy of Gisburne is not exactly an avid reader]
Gisburne (trying to read King John' letter): "With due expe... expeded... exped... "
Sheriff: "Expedition! It means 'at once', Gisburne. At once!"
Gisburne: "I know what it means!"

[When receiving a letter from King John, demanding 200 men and all the grain he can must for his campaign against the Welsh king Llewllyn, the Sheriff of Nottingham shows a remarkable foresight into England's future expansion policy...]
Sheriff: "Irritating little man! What does he want Wales for? [I have a Hundred Court in two days time, I'm supposed to attend six hangings on Thursday, and my mother is coming for the weekend.] Wales! It will be Scotland next!"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham confiscates all the grain in Wickham]
Alison: "My Lord, we'll starve!"
Sheriff: "Probably. But England's freedom must be defended, whatever the cost. Do you want to be slaves to the Welsh?"
Edward: "We'll all be dead, my Lord. It won't matter who's slaves we are then, will it?"

[Marion is afraid to lose Robert]
Marion: "What will happen to us?"
Robert: "Who knows? We may even live to see old age."
Marion: "Or die tomorrow."
Robert: "Yes... die tomorrow."
Marion: "I've never been afraid of death. Only of losing you. Promise me we'll never be parted."
Robert: "I promise."

[Tuck explains the Merries about Fenris]
Will: "What a load of pig's swill!"

[The Merries are going to seek out on the Sons of Fenris at Grimstone Abbey]
Tuck: "Gulnar's chosen well."
Will: "Yeah, if he's there."
Tuck: "Oh, he's there."
Will: "Yeah? Can you see him?"
Tuck: "I don't need to. My ears tell me."
Will: "I can't hear nothing."
Tuck: "That's what's wrong. Look, monks go to pray at three and at five. The bell hasn't rung."
Will: "Well, you learn something new every day, don't you?"

[The Merries have been captured by the Sons of Fenris]
Will: "What do you think, Nasir?"
Nasir: "Must escape."
Will: "At least you don't mince your words. Straight to the point. How?"

[The Sheriff of Nottingham to Grendel, on the demand that he should join the Sons of Fenris or die]
Sheriff: "Well, you dont give me any choice in the matter, do you? Because I have no intention of capering about in a wolfskin with a gang of demented savages!"

[Marion cannot bear to lose Robin a second time]
Marion: "Let me live in your heart, but let me go."
Robert: "You'll always live in my heart. I'll remember how... how it was spring in Sherwood. I took you in my arms..."
Marion: "Nothing's forgotten."
Robert: "No, nothing is ever forgotten."

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