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RoS General

Wikipedia -- entry for Robin of Sherwood in the free Internet encyclopedia.
Robin of Sherwood Wiki -- general info, cst & crew, episodes list, etc.
Facebook 1 and Facebook 2 -- Robin of Sherwood Facebook pages.
Nothing's Forgotten -- RoS Discussion Forum.
Light and Darkness -- RoS website by Rebecca Carefoot with detailed RoS episodes, drinking game, character profiles, top 5 lists, fanfic, personal opinion about Robin Hood books/movies/TV-series etc.
Sherwood Tavern -- A Russian RoS forum by Milka & Mew.
A May Morning -- RoS site by Johanneke with a character gallery, a small locations guide, backgrounds, lyrics, etc.
BBC h2g2 'Robin of Sherwood' - The Television Series -- RoS site from BCC h2g2 (members of the public) with a cast of characters en episode list.
Welcome to Sherwood on MySpace and Robin of Sherwood on MySpace -- A meeting place for RoS fans with blog (MySpace).
Green Man of Sherwood community on LiveJournal -- On-line community for lovers of Robin of Sherwood.
Robin of Sherwood Quizzes -- A couple of RoS quizzes on FunTrivia.
Robin and Marian -- A site relating RoS and RH actors to star charts and astrology. -- A RoS site by the Bowmen of Woodland (Freyja, John, Jon-Michael & Julie) with in memoriam, news, events, gallery, costumes, weapons, on-line shop and forum (under construction).
On the Trail of Robin of Sherwood -- RoS locations site, viewable by location or episode, with pictures from Duncan and Lisa's own visits and scenes from the series (DVD from their travels available).
Robin of Sherwood Podcast -- Dutch RoS fan Sytse Wilman dicusses the RoS episodes.

RoS Conventions

The Hooded Man -- UK RoS Convention held in Chepstow in 2014.
Telly Nation - Legend Convention -- UK RoS Convention in 2008.
Weekend in Sherwood -- US RoS Convention in Detroit, MI, USA.
Silver Arrow -- UK RoS Convention held in Bristol in 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2003.

RoS Characters and Actors

BBC Wiltshire -- Interviews with Nickolas Grace, Phil Rose and Richard Carpenter held at Legend 2004 (streaming Real Audio!).
BBC Wiltshire -- Interview with Michael Praed (streaming Real Audio!).

Michael Praed (Robin of Loxley)

Michael Praed's Fanfare -- Fanfare, Michael Praed's official fanclub.
Michael Praed -- Site dedicated to Michael Praed, his professional background, roles and current projects, news and legitimate merchandise.
Nytshaed's Michael Praed Shrine -- Lots of Michael pictures, including a RoS gallery.
Albion's Michael Praed Pages -- Info and pictures about Michael, including RoS.

Robert Addie (Sir Guy of Gisburne)

Robert Addie tribute website -- A tribute website dedicated to Robert Addie.
Jo's Robert Addie Fansite! -- Robert Addie fansite by Jolanda Wekema.
Gisburne's Nasty Knight Page -- Come and visit Sir Guy and take a tour of the dungeon.
Addie's Faction -- Yahoo! mail list for the Official Robert Addie (Gisburne) Fan Club.

Mark Ryan (Nasir)

Nasir's Site -- A website for Nasir.

Ray Winstone (Will Scarlet)

Scarlet Inside -- A tribute website for Will Scarlet / Ray Winstone.

Jason Connery (Robert of Huntingdon)

Jason Connery - To the Stars -- A Jason Connery website.

Other actors

The Boba Fett Fan Club -- A website dedicated to Boba Fett and the man behind the mask, Jeremy Bulloch, who also played our Edward of Wickham.
Valentine Pelka Fanclub -- A website dedicated to the actor who played Sarak in The Sheriff of Nottingham and Kronos on Highlander.
Oliver Tobias -- A website dedicated to the actor who played brabancon Bertrand de Nivelles in Lord of the Trees.

RoS Fanfic and Zines

Saxon Chronicles -- A website for the award winning Robin of Sherwood fanzine.

RoS Music

The official Clannad Website -- Official website for the group that made the music of RoS.
Wikipedia -- entry for Clannad in the free Internet encyclopedia.
The Clannad Newsblog -- Ed's latest news about Clannad.
Sounds of Sherwood -- Two tapes with fusions of music and dialogue from RoS.
Moya Brennan -- Website for Máire Brennan, the lead singer of Clannad.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood -- The Robin Hood Legend and Mythology, including lots on RoS.
The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester -- Very extensive site with Robin Hood plays, poems, ballads, etc.
Ben Turner's Robin Hood -- Great Robin Hood website.
Robin Hood Bold Outlaw from Loxley -- Extensive Robin Hood website.
The Legend of Robin Hood -- An exploration of the mythic aspects of the Robin Hood legend (including a few RoS references).
Robin Hood -- Information on Robin Hood as depicted in film and television productions (incl. RoS) together with photographs and news of The Robin Hood Festival, The Robin Hood Pageant and more...
Robin Hood -- UK comparison site for the cheapest Robin Hood DVDs.

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