Weekend in Sherwood, the Spirit of Sherwood RoS convention

Spirit of Sherwood organised a regular three-days RoS convention called Weekend in Sherwood (WiS) in Detroit, Michigan, USA. It is currently unknown when the next one, Weekend in Sherwood X, will take place.


Activities include: "Medieval" Banquet with the Guests of Honour (garb encouraged), Art Show & Sale, Major Oak Awards (for excellence in RoS fan fiction & art), Dealers, Costume Contest, Hospitality Room, Filksinging, Guest Panels, Fan Panels, Autograph & Photograph Sessions, Video Room, Charity Auction, Herne Jr. Archery Tournament, RoS blooper tape showing & much more!!!

A typical Weekend in Sherwood schedule looks something like:


Registration opens
Fan Panel
Art Show & Dealers setup
Fan Panel
Fan Panel
Dealers Room, Art Show & Sale, Video Room, Hospitality Room
Opening Ceremonies featuring Guests of Honour
Autograph Session
Costume Contest Meeting
Photo Session
Pavane Practice
Banquet & Pavane Performance followed by Costume Contest
Art Show & Sales
Fan Panel
Fan Panel
Dealers Room, Art Show & Sale, Video Room, Hospitality Room
Guest Panel
Herne Jr. Archery Tournament
Art Show closes
Photo Session
Charity & Art Auctions
Fan Panel
Autograph Session
12:00PM -?
Major Oaks Presentation
Closing Ceremonies
Art Show pickup
Gofer Party

Contact info

For information about Weekend in Sherwood write to:
Spirit of Sherwood
5574 NW Deerfield Way
Portland, Oregon 97229
Email: Christine Alexander
WWW: Weekend in Sherwood

Weekend in Sherwood history

There have been nine Weekends in Sherwood thusfar. Below you can get an impression of what WiS is like, although you must have been there to really understand it...

Weekend in Sherwood I (1992)

When: August 7-9, 1992
Where: Sheraton Oaks Hotel in Novi, Michigan, USA
Guests: Richard "Kip" Carpenter (Series Creator), Mark Ryan (Nasir)
WiS I con booklet
Guest Panel (Richard & Mark) Art Show and Charity Auction (coordinators Nancy Miller and Barb Johnson) Art Show Richard with a young fan Herne Jr. Archery Tournament (Mark coaching Tashema Dalton) Guest Panel (Richard) Guest Panel (Mark, looking remarkably good on only a couple hours of sleep!) Guest Panel (Richard & Mark) Herne Jr. Archery Tournament (Mark having a go himself) Mark à la Nasir wielding two swords which he borrowed from a fan at the con (Linda Furey?) Guest Panel (Mark) Guest Panel (Mark entertaining the Merry Masses while waiting for the arrival of Richard) Filking (Cindy Barwin, Richard, Patti Middleton, Laura Blunk, Helen Avry, and Rache) Photo Session (Mark, Laura Blunk and Richard) Photo Session (Mark, Lila Bess and Richard) Banquet (Mark and Richard with two lovely garbed ladies)
(Photos are courtesy of attendees Gail Walsh, Jo Trompeter and Lisa Morrissey)

Weekend in Sherwood II (1993)

When: July 2-4, 1993
Where: Sheraton Oaks Hotel in Novi, Michigan, USA
Guests: Richard "Kip" Carpenter (Series Creator), Mark Ryan (Nasir)

Weekend in Sherwood III (1994)

When: August 5-7, 1994
Where: Novi Sheraton Oaks Hotel in Novi, Michigan, USA
Guests: Ray Winston (Will Scarlet) and his daughter Lois
WiS III con booklet WiS III con T-shirt print WiS III con report by Judy Spreng
Ray with Karen and Alison Campbell. Notice his t-shirt... Ray and Chuck Sloan Ray doing his impression of Mark Ryan dancing in a disco Major Oak Awards (Mick Spencer, Kitty Gamarra, Linda Furey, Helen Avry, Karen Campbell) Ray presenting the Major Oak Awards Ray was hot, so he decided to remove his shirt! Ray surrounded by his women :-) On his lap his daughter Lois

Weekend in Sherwood IV (1996)

When: July 5-7, 1996
Where: Sheraton Oaks Hotel in Novi, Michigan, USA
Guests: Mark Ryan (Nasir), Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Wickham)
WiS IV con booklet

Weekend in Sherwood V (1997)

When: August 1-3, 1997
Where: Doubletree Hotel in Novi, Michigan, USA
Guests: Michael Praed (Robin of Loxley), Mark Ryan (Nasir), Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Wickham), Robbie Bulloch (Edward's son Matthew)
WiS V con booklet WiS V con report by Rache
Mark & Jeremy Robbie & Michael Mark, Robbie, Michael (in his infamous two different plaids!) and Jeremy up against the wall... Ditto, now up front The Guests with the
Costume Contest Winners
Robbie & Friends:) Mark, Michael, Robbie and Jeremy Herne Jr. Archery Tournament: Jeremy in action Robin Jones as Queen Elizabeth I, Mark and Janet VanMeter as "Robin of Foxley" Michael Eileen Scidmore's RoS puppets in action
(Photos are courtesy of attendee Sarah "Kat" Griffith)

Weekend in Sherwood VI (1998)

When: July 24-26, 1998
Where: Doubletree Hotel in Novi, Michigan, USA
Guests: Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Wickham)
WiS VI con booklet
Folk in garb at banquet Candle Pavanne (front: Julianne Toomey and Amy Hull) Candle Pavanne Charity Auction (Sandy Williams as Will Scarlet) Charity Auction (Annette Vogel and Jeremy) Jeremy with Loxley and Nasir hand puppets Robins everywhere: Mick Spencer, Rolf Granlund and Eric Bayrd
(Photos are courtesy of attendee Julianne Toomey)

Weekend in Sherwood VII (1999)

When: July 23-25, 1999
Where: Hilton Novi Hotel in Novi, Michigan, USA
Guests: Mark Ryan (Nasir), Jeremy Bulloch (Edward of Wickham)
WiS VII con booklet
Mark & Jeremy Little devil Jeremy Autograph Session (Mark & Jeremy) Wonderful Wenches of Wickham (Misty and Kiska) Banquet (Carmen and Ophelia) Candle Pavanne Major Oak Ceremony (Julianne Toomey - Queen Isabella, Kitty Gamarra - Marion, Mick Spencer - Loxley, Helen Avry - Herne, Eric Bayrd - Huntingdon) Charlie McKinnon as Robin of Loxley Julianne Toomey- Kautz and Frank Kautz Charity Auction (Jeanne Behnke) Charity Auction (Annette Vogel and Mark)
(Photos are courtesy of amongst others attendee Jeanne Behnke)

Weekend in Sherwood VIII (2003)

When: July 4-6, 2003
Where: Holiday Inn Hotel in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA
Guests: Jason Connery (Robert of Huntingdon), Robert Addie (Sir Guy of Gisburne)
Guest Lecturers: Diane Carey (writing, Valiant Themed Events), Russ Herschler (chainmail)
WiS VIII con booklet WiS VIII con poster WiS VIII con
photos by Roeland Tuk
WiS VIII con
report by Mary Bertke
WiS VIII con
report by Kitty Gamarra
WiS VIII con
report by Tirza van Rijn
Mixer (Kitty Gamarra, Lorella Frederick, Jason, Katie Flennery, Rina Florijn) Helen Avry Julianne Toomey-Kautz Kitty Gamarra, Derrick Dasenbrock, Janet VanMeter Laura Chevening Blunk, Todd Parish, Helen Avry Banquet (The RoS 20th anniversary cake) Banquet (Derrick Dasenbrock and Jason) Banquet (Robert drawing Todd's claymore) Banquet (Jason and his girlfriend SherryLea) Major Oak Ceremony (Jason handing out the Award certificates) Major Oak Ceremony (Helen Avry - Herne, Rache, Charlie McKinnon - Huntingdon, Rolf Granlund - Loxley, Kitty Gamarra - Marion, Julianne Toomey - Queen Isabella, Jason) Robert, Janet VanMeter and Jason Costume Panel (Janet VanMeter) Robert closeup Guest Panel (Robert and Jason talking to Mark Ryan on the speakerphone) Archery Panel (Janet VanMeter and Tirza van Rijn) Banquet (Pavane dance) Banquet (High Table: Kitty Gamarra, SherryLea, Jason and Marnie Caddle) Banquet (Robert and Jason with the anniversary cake) Banquet (Patti Middleton and Mary Stiver) Janet VanMeter and Jason Major Oak Ceremony (Helen Avry - Herne, Kitty Gamarra - Marion, Charlie McKinnon - Huntingdon) Guest Panel (Robert and Jason) Charity Auction (Jason showing the Loxley doll) Charity Auction (Jason and Robert holding on of the items: a target signed by cast and crew)
Charity Auction (Jason showing the Huntingdon doll) Nikke Allen and Jason Charity Auction (Jason showing the Loxley doll) Jason Ditto Banquet (Robert wielding Todd's claymore) Banquet (Pavane dance) Guest Panel (Jason) Ditto Ditto Robert, Nikke Allen and Jason Robert, Christine Alexander and Jason Guest Panel (Jason telling how his hair was scorched away shooting "Cromm Cruac") Ditto Ditto Chainmail Demonstration (Russ Herschler at work) Chainmail Demonstration (Jim Julien putting on Russ' pieces of work) Chainmail Demonstration (Jim Julien and Russ) Guest Panel (Robert and Jason) Guest Panel (Robert, Jason talking to Mark, Rache) Guest Panel (Robert talking to Mark, Jason) Guest Panel (Robert, Mark on the speakerphone, Jason) Laura Chevening Blunk, Helen Avry, Annette Vogel Marnie Caddle and Rick Dennis Banquet (High Table) Rolf Granlund, Jason, SherryLea, Robert, ?
David VanMeter Banquet (High Table: Robert, Jason and Diane Carey) Jim Julien, Russ Herschler, Charlie McKinnon, David VanMeter, Rick Dennis Banquet (Banners and tapestry provided by Diane Carey, Barb Johnson, Kitty Gamarra and Janet VanMeter) Owen of Clun (Charlie McKinnon) with his two Marions (Kitty Gamarra and Janet VanMeter) Derrick Dasenbrock and Darlene Veghts Roeland Tuk and Jim Julien Donnalyn and Lorraine Mumaw Jeanne Behnke and Cindy Hunt Banquet David VanMeter and SherryLea performing a Scottish dance Banquet (The RoS 20th Anniversary cake) Costume Contest Ditto Costume Contest (Winners: David VanMeter (best knees), Diane Carey (director's award), Mary Bertke (3rd place), Tirza van Rijn & Roeland Tuk (2nd place), Rick Dennis (1st place)) Roeland Tuk and Rick Dennis Major Oak Ceremony (Helen Avry - Herne, Charlie McKinnon - Huntingdon, Rolf Granlund - Loxley) Charity Auction (life imitates...art)
(Photos are courtesy of attendees Todd Parish, Rina Florijn, Kitty Gamarra, Janet & David VanMeter, Nikke Allen, Annette Vogel, and Carmen Elliot)

Weekend in Sherwood IX (2005)

When: June 24-26, 2005
Where: Holiday Inn Hotel in Southgate, Michigan, USA
Guests: Mark Ryan (Nasir)
Guest Lecturers: Diane Carey (Robin Hood, Valiant Themed Events), Ophelia & Jim Julien (swords), Russ Herschler (chainmail)
WiS IX con booklet WiS IX con photos by Mary Bertke WiS IX con report by Julianne Toomey WiS IX con report by Rache WiS IX con report by Robin
Dealers' Room Ditto Herne and Marion (Janet VanMeter) Herne Jr. Archery Tournament Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Filking? Phone panel
Major Oak Ceremony Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Janet VanMeter and Kitty Gamarra Art Auction Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto
Charity Auction Closing Ceremonies
(Photos are courtesy of attendees Janet & David VanMeter and Julianne Toomey-Kautz)

Spirit of Sherwood 25th Anniversary Party at British Fest II (2015)

When: June 10-12, 2015
Where: Mid-America Center, Council Bliffs, Iowa, USA
Guests: Mark Ryan (Nasir)
The SoS Merries at British Fest II SoS 25th anniversary celebration RoS cosplay Marion (Janet VanMeter) and Robin (Ben Cardenas) Mark Ryan Mark Ryan and Adrian Paul (sword play panel) So this is really happening!

Weekend in Sherwood Costume Gallery

During the Mediaeval Banquet with the Guests of Honour the con attendees are encouraged to appear in garb. They can also participate in a Costume Contest. Here's a bunch of pictures from various Weekends in Sherwoods of folks in their wonderful costumes...

Christine Alexander, Laura Blunk and Helen Avry (WiS VII) Rache (WiS I) Helen Avry as Queen Eleanor and Laura Blunk as Margaret of Gisburne (WiS IV) Janet and David VanMeter as The Green Woman and Herne (WiS IV) Janet VanMeter as Marion from Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (WiS IV) Kitty Gamarra as Marion from Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (WiS IV) Kitty Gamarra as Marion of Sherwood (WiS IV) Janet VanMeter as Marion of Clun (WiS IV) Linda Furey and Eric Bayrd as Morgwyn of Ravenscar and one of the demon riders. Al-bion! Oreos! LOL! (WiS IV) Gypsy Robin Dale and Robin Hood (WiS I) Jenny and John Hennig as Marion and Lord Owen of Clun (WiS I) Robin Dale Nash as wicked Saracen assassin (WiS I) Robin Dale Nash and friend as Tarma and Kethry (WiS I) Gypsy Robin Dale and friends (WiS I) Conan the Bavarian (WiS I)
Want to costume but can't sew? Contact Kitty's Custom Costumes (e-mail: klgamarra@hotmail.com) to purchase a costume made just for you or to rent an already existing costume. (See above for some examples of Kitty Gamarra's work.)
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