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Club info

Spirit of Sherwood is the official Robin of Sherwood Fanclub, and was founded in 1990. We are an international club with members worldwide. We enjoy a lot of input from the RoS crew. We have organised RoS conventions (Weekend in Sherwood), granted awards for excellence in RoS fanzines (Major Oak Awards), and we sell exclusive photos of the RoS cast members.

The fanclub address is:

Spirit of Sherwood
c/o Christine Alexander
18915 SW Honeywood Drive
Beaverton, Oregon 97003-2901
Email: ChrisRHood@aol.com
WWW: Spirit of Sherwood On-Line
Membership is free - just join the RoS mailing list or our Facebook page!


Spirit of Sherwood has had a website since 1995 - first at Logomancy, later at the Delft University of Technology and now here under its own domain name. This website has been in operation since 11 May 2000.

Social Media

You can find Spirit of Sherwood on Facebook.

Weekend in Sherwood conventions

Spirit of Sherwood organised an all-RoS convention called Weekend in Sherwood in Michigan (USA), with actors and other people from the Robin of Sherwood crew.

Major Oak Awards

Spirit of Sherwood yearly granted the Major Oak Awards, honoring Excellence in Robin of Sherwood Fanzine (stories, poems, filks and artwork) Achievement. Club members got a vote in the ballot. The Awards were presented to the winners during a hilarious ceremony at the Weekend in Sherwood convention.

Spirit of Sherwood Photo Catalogue

We have an extensive archive of photos of the RoS cast members.

On Target newsletter

From 1990-2000 we produced a print newsletter, On Target, but with the popularity of the Internet on the increase, there was a decline in interest in print materials. We therefore no longer produce a print newsletter. You may now read RoS news online on this website and chat with other RoS fans via our email group and our Spirit of Sherwood group on Facebook.

Fan mail

We will forward fan mail of club members to the RoS cast. You MUST attach appropriate postage and write the name of the addressee on the outside. Put it in another envelope to us. We'll fill out the address and drop it in the mail.


In the past Spirit of Sherwood has sold three exclusive t-shirts, which are no longer available:

Last updated Wed 8 Jan 2020