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RoS Locations

RoS Geographical Locations

The three maps of the England of Robin of Sherwood below were created by Janet VanMeter for Spirit of Sherwood's newsletter On Target issues 1 (page 28), 2 (page 15), and 3/4 (page 42). They depict where the sites mentioned in the RoS episodes can be located.

RoS Filming Locations

Robin of Sherwood was filmed mostly around Bristol (UK), because HTV is based there.

In 1985 TV magazine Look-in had a page called On location with Robin of Sherwood about the filming of Series 3.

In 1993 TV-Zone Special #8 did an article, Robin of Sherwood: In production..., about the making of RoS.

In 2001 Conventry Web had a report, A Day with the Stars, by Ann Morris, who was lucky enough to be present (with her two children) at the filming set of RoS in Gloustershire for a day in January 1985.

In September 2005 BBC Wiltshire wrote an on-line article, Retrospective: Robin of Sherwood, that includes an interview with Clive Mantle and some info about the RoS filming locations with pictures from Castle Combe.

The UK RoS conventions Silver Arrow and Legend made trips to the RoS filming locations.

The UK Silver Arrow convention also has a RoS locations guide with some pictures up on their website.

Andrew Orton's Hooded Man Volume One: Robin of Loxley book features an extensive appendix on the RoS Filming Locations.

Duncan Buckley and Lisa Lowe have created a whole website, On the Trail of Robin of Sherwood, dedicated to their visits of the RoS locations, with pictures of their own and scenes from the series. They have also published a Robin of Sherwood Filming Location Planner and Guide Book, available from their webshop.

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