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Spirit of Sherwood

Spirit of Sherwood is the official Robin of Sherwood Fan club since 1990. We are an international club with members worldwide. We enjoy a lot of input from the series creator and the actors. We sell exclusive photos, etc.
Spirit of Sherwood
c/o Christine Alexander
5574 NW Deerfield Way
Portland, Oregon 97229
WWW: Spirit of Sherwood On-Line

Other, defunct RoS fanclubs

Fanclubs for RoS actors

Michael Praed's Fanfare

Fanfare, Michael Praed's (Robin of Loxley) new officially sanctioned fan club, run by Celeste Moore, started in August 2005.
WWW: Michael Praed's Fanfare

Addie's Faction

Addie's Faction, the Official Robert Addie (Sir Guy of Gisburne) Fan Club, was founded in 1998 by Kirsty Robertson. In June 1999 it went on-line on Yahoo! Groups.
Addie's Faction

Valentine Pelka Fan Club

The official fan club for Valentine Pelka (Sarak in The Sheriff of Nottingham), ran by Gillian Eldridge.
WWW: Valentine Pelka Fanclub

Yahoo! Groups

There are several mail lists on Yahoo! Groups dedicated to RoS actors:

Other, defunct RoS actor fanclubs

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