RoS Fanfic

Fan fiction (also abbreviated fanfic, FF, or fic) are stories written by fans, utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work such as books, television series, films, etc.

This information was compiled by Spirit of Sherwood.


A fanzine is a collection of fan fiction, poetry, filks (original or adapted songs), artwork, cartoons, etc. created by fans.

Paper fanzines are rarely published anymore. The only intended upcoming issues are Arrowflight 2 and Nothing's Forgotten.

The following fanzines are not-for-profit endeavors by fans for fans, and not intended to infringe on the copyrights of HTV, Gatetarn, Goldcrest, Showtime, or Richard Carpenter.

Albion/Apocryphal Albion/Albion Special

Albion (1-13) is the longest running (since 1987!), award-winning Robin of Sherwood zine. The latest issue, Albion 13, appeared in 2005.
Albion Special (1-4) contains award-winning RoS novellas.
Apocryphal Albion (1-7) is an award-winning, "what if" RoS zine.
The Saxon Chronicles Website has the contents listings for Albion 3, Albion Special 1, Apocryphal Albion 1 and Albion 5 and Apocryphal Albion 3.
Albion 1: 1987, 98 pages. Contents: Mneme's Garden (2 pages), Brothers In Blood (24 pages), Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream (5 pages). Edith/Edwin (5 pages), Father and Son (46 pages), The Dragon and St. George (4 pages), Robin In Bunnyland (11 pages).
Albion 2: 1988, 98 pages. Contents: The Worst Page That Ever (8 pages), Nothing Is Ever Forgotten (7 pages), April In Her Eyes (4 pages), What Is Courage Now (2 pages), At Huntingdon (8 pages), This Is Now (3 pages), A Knight's Obsession (20 pages), The Answer (13 pages), Lady Elizabeth (5 pages), By Darkness Pursued (8 pages), The Sherwood Chainsaw Massacre (4 pages), Dear Robert (1 page), Bunnies From Hell (10 pages).
Albion 3: 1989, 305 pages. Contains 33 stories, poems, etc.
Albion 4: 1990, 321 pages. Contents: Kinship (4 pages), Will You Dance with Me? (10 pages), May Queen (4 pages), Prelude (7 pages), Midsummer Magic (3 pages), The Treasure of Hadley Hall (17 pages), Something in the Wind (22 pages), A Tale of Sorrow and Woe (20 pages), No Greater Love (19 pages), A Different Point of View (2 pages), Faling Leaves (2 pages), A Sense of Purpose (5 pages), Raw Fish (8 pages), A Turning of the Wheel (7 pages), The Derkeling Cycle (10 pages), Crossroads (7 pages), Less Than Kind (14 pages), The Hollow Hill (21 pages), The Taming of Sir Guy (14 pages), Bartholomew's Tale (15 pages), A Promise Fulfilled (3 pages), The Little Green Songbook: Merrie Songs for All Occasions (25 pages), In a Rut (10 pages), All Herne's Children (4 pages), A Sherwood Carol (9 pages).
Albion 5: 1991, 378 pages. Contains 49 stories, poems, etc.
Albion 6: 1992, 425 pages. Contents: Wayland's Riddle (21 pages), Nothing (3 pages), Confidences (3 pages), Tragedies and Dire Straits (6 pages), Casualties (69 pages), Wicker Work (19 pages), Love Conquers All Things (33 pages), Boots (11 pages), Winter's End (9 pages), Summer Time Blues (7 pages), Resolution (13 pages), Refiner's Fire (12 pages), La Croix Temptar (28 pages), The Sword That Heals (39 pages), Day of Reckoning (49 pages), Much and the Beanstalk (10 pages).
Albion 9: 254 pages. Contains 27 stories, poems, etc.
Albion Special 1: 1989, two novels: Brother Will and Swordbrothers.
Albion Special 2: 1990, two novels: Enchantment (Laura Blunk, 93 pages) and Night of the Raven (H.L. Avry, 70 pages).
Albion Special 3: 1993, two novels: Oath of Brotherhood and Robin Hood and the Time of the Dragons.
Albion Special 4: 2001, novella Valediction.
Apocryphal Albion 7: 1995, 221+ pages. Contents: Sherwood Lore by Rache; Tree of Living by Julianne Toomey; A Hard Choice by Todd Parrish; Living in Sherwood by Gail Molnar; Scarlet's Song by Julianne Toomey; The Fool by Linda A. Furey; The Devil's Own by Kitty Gamarra; Bright Forest by Laura Chevening; Dreams by Julianne Toomey; Ravens of Memory by Ruth Dempsey; In Sherwood by Christine Haire; Counterstrike by CarolMel Ambassador; Blessed Be 7 by Rache; Herne's Song I My Master, I Cannot Slay Him by Jenna Bruce; Hello Mary Sue by Christine Haire; Guide to Peace and Live; Ne'er Reflect on Sorrows Past by H.L. Avry; Loyalty Binds Me by Laura Chevening; Hero and Villain by Gail Molnar; Fractured Rhymes by The Old Prisoner and Arthur; Let Her Go by Christine Haire; Leap Into Legend by Beth Hlabse; Ode to Mary Sue by Linda A. Furey; Horton Hears a Who, a Highlander and Two Hooded Men by Rache. Art Credits: Kitty Gamarra, Christine Haire, Barb Johnson, Gail Molnar, Atsuko O'gawa, Todd Parrish, Rache Frontispiece, Rosanne Rice, Tammy, Sharon Wells.

For ordering info, contact Laura Chevening Blunk. Albion 7-13 (except 11) is also available from Agent With Style.

The Alternative Robin of Sherwood Zine

This RoS zine was published in 1988.
The Alternative Robin of Sherwood Zine: UK fanfiction zine, c1991, 166pp, b&w illos, A4, comb spiral bound. Stories with a twist - no slash/adult, but stories set (eg) in modern times & a story utlising characters from Doctor Who and Arthur of the Britons, and much more besides - including poems, filks, b&w artwork and a melange of other things. Little Known Facts & Tales from the Wolf's Head - K Jessop; Lines We'd Like To Have Heard & Adverts - K Jessop & R Sayer; A Prophecy Foretold & Pastures New - J Garrett; In Nomine Patris & Robin's Brother - M Depp; Robert And The Rat, Outlaws' Ditty & A Greenwood Tale - R Deane; Children of The Old Forest, Within These Walls I and II - Lilith; Heart of Oak - A Corne; Paradox: An Explanation/A Paradox In Time/A Reader's Guide - R Sayer; The Battle Of Sherwood - A Ballade; A Concert Report - The Art Critic; Sword Song - Albion; Things Are Not What They Seem - I Sale; The Forest Edge, The Sacred King's Sacrifice & Faith - Justine; The Last Battle, Don't Pay The Ferryman & The Travller - C Williams; A Place To Rest - S Bryant. Spiral bound, card covers, cover illo montage of Robin Hoods.

Another Time, Another Place

A RoS novel from 1989, 116 pages, published by Mazeltough Press.
Fiction by Jean L. Stevenson, Fern Marder, Lee Orlando, Carol Walske, Juanita Salicrup.
Cover B & W Artwork by Carol Walske.

The Arrow and the Sword

A RoS novel from 1993.


Arrowflight 1: 1988, heavily illustrated with black and white artwork, 146 pages. Fiction and Poetry by Deb Walsh, Janet P. Reedman, Laura Chevening, Jeanine Hennig, Barbara Johnson, L.A. Carr, Jacqueline Taero, Pat Nussman. Artwork by Nancy Kolar, Jenni, Barbara Johnson, Deb Walsh.
Deb Walsh intends to publish a second Arrowflight RoS (paper) fanzine around late summer 2012:
Arrowflight #2 - Robin of Sherwood - The Hooded Man returns to Sherwood Forest with a new issue. History, magic, drama, humor, Robin of Loxley or Robert of Huntingdon - all are welcome! Deadline is August 2011, publication is November 2011.
Submission Guidelines:
Prose: Material should be gen only, ratings up to PG-13. All material must be original - not previously published or posted to the net. All contributors will be asked to hold off posting to the net for a minimum of one year following publication and if you want to post it at that point I will be happy to host it or provide you with the final manuscript so you can post it wherever you like. Manuscripts can be submitted electronically - no worries on formattingC as I can format manuscripts to suit myself upon receipt. And of course all submissions will be edited for grammar, spelling, plot, characterization and content. I'll work with the authors to polish the stories. Each zine is limited in size so I will have to be selective regarding length but until I see what's coming my way I'm not going to set any size limits. I will consider poetry and filks.
Art: Art must be hand-drawn material: pen and ink, charchoal, coloror other media. No computer-generated art or blends - these zines are intended to celebrate the classic fanzines of the '70s and '80s and that includes art. I've already got cover art for almost every zine but I'm interested in portfolio art, poster art (up to 11" x 17"), and illustrations. I will also consider cartoons. Please note that like prose, art must not have been published or posted elsewhere prior to publication.
For more info, see Deb's website.

Brotherly Love

This first RoS novel/novella ever was written by Jean Stevenson and published in 1986 by JeanZine.
The first 25 pages contain the novel "Brotherly Love", the last 25 pages is a collection of songs called "Songs of Star Voyagers".

The Cauldron

The Cauldron was published in 1992.

Celtic Oak

A 115 pages 1996 RoS zine, published by Celtic Oak Press (Lisa Morrissey).

Chronicles of Sherwood

An 85-page RoS anthology 'zine from 1993 by Ness Ayton. Contents: Tapestry of Time; Resurrection; Valediction; Le Morte d'Ailric; Nativity; You'll Never Walk Alone.

Crossbow Chronicles

Crossbow Chronicles is a 'zine from 1992.


The Darkmere 'zines were published in by "Forest", the official UK RoS fanclub from 1986-1988.
Darkmere 1: 1986, 86 pages, A4, slide bound, thin card covers, cover b&w pic of Michael Praed as Loxley. Contents: Revenge & Marion's Song - Heather Petty; Untitled Poem - Kathleen Glancy; The Novice - Elissa Dodson; Reflections from a Dungeon - Alison Wilson; Shadows of the Mind & Yesterday's Witness - Karen Turner; Beyond Tomorrow - Sheila Lorraine; Robin i'the Hoode - Ian Corden.
Darkmere 2: 1986, 95 pages, card covers, b&w cover photo of Huntingdon & Marion, slide-bound. Contents: The Daughter of Israel - V Douglas; A Time of Shadows - M Ketcher; There Heretics - JL Cobban; Nothing's Forgotten - J Langridge; Blood Offering - J Marshall; The Poacher - E Dodson; Catherine - H Petty. Good quality stories, including one dealing with the Cathars.
Darkmere 4: 1988, card-bound, stapled A5, b&w colour picture of Grendel. A collection of 3 short stories and 3 poems.


Dreams is a 68-pages RoS novella from 1987, published by Kipper.

Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest by Kitty Gamarra and Jan Fennick is a popular adult 'zine.
Issue #1 appeared in 1991, issue #2 in 1992 and issue #3 in 1994. Published by Antlered Press (US).
Available from New Leaf Productions.

The Gisburne Story

A 'zine from 1993.

Good Guys Wear Fangs

Good Guys Wear Fangs 1 was published in 1992 and issue 2 in 1993.

Greenwood and Beyond

A RoS 'zine dating from 1993, by Janet Van Meter.

Guardian of the Arrow

A great general RoS 'zine from Amy Hull.
Guardian of the Arrow: 1992, spiral-bound, 168+pp, card covers and illustrated with b&w line drawings and front cover b&w art. Contents: God Touched - Janet P. Reedman; One Arrow - Hilda Marshall; First Night - Julie Phipps; Imprisonment - JP Reedman; Sherwood Dreams - JP Reedman; Time Together - Rache; Robin and Marion - Todd Parrish; Protection - Paula Jacqueline Sanders; Sweet Marion - Janet L Jarrell; Memories - Tara O'Shea; Why? - Anna O'Brien; Why Do We Bother? - A O'Brien; Bindings - T O'Shea; Letters - JP Reedman; Snow Days - PJ Sanders; To Close A Door - T O'Shea; Dying's Easy - Amy Lynn Hill; The Lad From Loxley - T O'Shea; Last Goodbye - JP Reedman; The Price Of Freedom - PJ Sanders; Sweet Prince - A O'Brien; My Lonely Castle - Sarah Glasgow; For These Things I Weep - AL Hull; The Gift - Laura Chevening; The Calling - PJ Sanders; The Argument - T O'Shea; If That Name Thou Love - AL Hull; The Sensible Thing - T O'Shea; Lost Soul - A O'Brien; Fall From Grace - T Parrish; The Cave - Cindy Fairbanks; The Two Faces Of Guy - Laura Todd; When The Fire Dies - JL Jarrell; My Soul Still Remembers - AL Hull; Knight Of The Wolf - AL Avry; The Ultimate Mary Sue - T O'Shea; And What If This Had Happened - PJ Sanders.

Herne's Son

Herne's Son (1-5) is a series of RoS fanzines that appeared between 1988 and 1992.

The Hooded Man

The Hooded Man and The Hooded Man 2 were published in 1988 under one cover. It was the first RoS zine with a colour front cover.
Heavily illustrated with black and white artwork, 114 pages. Published by Sheila Willis.
The Hooded Man - A Tale of Robin I' Th' Hood (1987). Story by Jeanine Hennig; screenplay by Jeanine Hennig and Linda Knights.
Fiction by Wilma Vissage, Winston Howlett, L.A. Carr, Julia Ecklar.
Artwork by Karen River, Denise Hable, Jean Clissold, Carole McPherson, John Hazzard.


Huntingdon was a 178-page anthology 'zine published in 1992 that focused - not surprising - on Robert of Huntingdon.

In Camelot's Shadow

In Camelot's Shadows is a RoS novel from 1990.

In the Shadow of the Wheel

In the Shadow of the Wheel Vol 1 (1989), 2 & 3 (1991) by Jenni, Cindy Fairbanks and P.L. Kennedy are classic, fan-written RoS novels.
The Saxon Chronicles Website has the contents listings for In the Shadow of the Wheel Vol. 1.
Available from New Leaf Productions.
In the Shadow of the Wheel 1: 1989, 340 pages. Contents: Winterking, Moon After Mabon, 1195 (61 pages); Bitter Harvest, One moon past Litha, 1201 (15 pages); Nothing More Precious In England, Waning of Candlemas, 1209 (73 pages); Tribute, Waxing of Beltein, 1209 (20 pages); Rites of Passage, Waxing of Samhain, 1214 (61 pages); Soul of Sherwood, Waning past Imbolo, 1220 (26 pages); Chains, Moon before Yule, 1220 (39 pages); Changeling, Lammas Even, 1202 (34 pages); Fare Well, Moon After Samhain, 1222 (2 pages).
In the Shadow of the Wheel 3: 1991, 248 pages. Contents: Maiden, Waxing Of Samhain, 1225 (116 pages); In The Shadow of the Wheel, Waxing of Beltein, 1226 (123 pages), Timeline (5 pages).

Jewel of Sherwood

A 265-pages 1994 RoS slash story by Mary Beth Edwards, published by Ragabah Productions, where Robin of Loxley becomes a slave of the Saracens.
Available from Agent With Style.


Kaleidoscope 1 dates from 1992, Kaleidoscope 2 from 1997.

A Killing Frost

A Killing Frost by Julia Ecklar (long story) / Forge of the Creator by Julia Ecklar (filk), artwork by Paul Feight. Two-sided double fanzine (37 pages / 181 pages), published in 1994. A Killing Frost was the 1st RoS novella; Forge of the Creator is the original fiction story that Ecklar based her filksong 'The Temper of Revenge' on.

A Kindness In Hell

A 122-pages RoS story by Cath Knowles from 1998.

Kingdom of Outlaws

Kingdom of Outlaws was published in 1992.

The Lady of Sherwood

The 1991 sequel to 'The Siege of Huntingdon' from 1988 by Kathryn Pepmiller Connery. Available from Agent With Style.

Lady Wolfshead

Beautiful 1994 zine from Mick Spencer with stories centering around Marion.
Lady Wolfshead: 110pp-plus US fanzine of chronologically-arranged stories focussing on the character of Marion of Leaford. Sepia and white illus, comb spiral bound, glossy card covers, full-colour front cover art of Marion. Contents: Flowers, Destiny - M Spencer; Outsiders - Rache; A Time of Choice - L Chevening; Only a Name - C Fairbanks; Never Meant To Be - T Parrish; The Surcoat - K Gamarra; The Benefit of Rest - PJ Saunders; We'll Watch Over Him Together - C Barwin; Poetry: JP Reedman, J Toomey, T O'Shea, M Spencer, Rache; Illustrations: C Haire, A Ogawa, T O'Shea, J Gale, T Parrish, K Gamarra.


Legend is a long-running (issues 1-7), award-winning general RoS 'zine by Janet P. Reedman, that appeared between 1989 and 1995. The Saxon Chronicles Website has the content listings for Legend 1.
Available from New Leaf Productions

Legends of the Greenwood

Nice, general 1993 RoS 'zine by Joanne Vitek.
Available from New Leaf Productions.


Longbow (1-5) is a series of RoS fanzines that appeared between 1987 and 1991.
Longbow 2: 188, 225 pages. Contents: Choice of Duty...Choice of Heart - S. Rutherford; Fetters & Jesses - J. Lamel & S. Rutherford; Eulogy - C. Fairbanks; Heart of Darkness - S. Williams; The Crossing - C. Fairbanks; Sojourner - T. Wojtko; ...Of Huntingdon - C. Fairbanks; Promises Broken - J. Lamel, plus art, articles, poetry, etc.
Longbow 3: 1989, heavily illustrated with black and white artwork, 263 pages. Fiction and Poetry by Janet P. Reedman, Laura Chevening, Rowena Sayer, Cindy Fairbanks, Carol Schorn, Kylie Kay Jackson, D. Linn, Sue Rutherford, Janice Lamel, Sandy Williams, L.A. Carr, Jaenot Fuqua, Lynne Taylor, Tammy Wojtko, Arlene Wicks. Artwork by Sandy Williams, Jim Markle, Marshall Parker, Mariann Howarth, Sandra Leigh Smith, Roseanne Rice, Dena Crystal.
Longbow 5: 1991, 204 pages, Celtic Hart Press.


Beautiful 1990/1991/1992 zine (issues 1, 2 & 3) with stories centering around Loxley, published by Kate Raymond.
Loxley 1: 1990, comb-bound, 244 pages, heavily illustrated. Fiction and poetry by Janet Reedman, Todd Parrish, Julianne Toomey and more. Artists inc Margie Banks, Nancy Kolar, Carol Walske and more.
Loxley 2: 1991, comb-bound, 153 pages. heavily illustrated. Fiction and poetry by Janet Reedman, Todd Parrish, Julianne Toomey, Janet VanMeter, Rache, Christone Haire and more. Artists inc Sheily Foley, Kitty Gamarra, Christine Haire, Todd Parrish, Kate Raymond, Janet VanMeter and more.

Merry Men

Merry Men appeard in 1996.

The Mystic Forest

This is a 1999 zine dealing with the magical and mystical aspects of Robin of Sherwood, issued by Darlene Edvall and Aislinn.

Nothing's Forgotten

This is a new zine that Rolf Granlund intends on doing. It was supposed to be debuting in 2005, but the birth of his son delayed it and the target became Fall 2006. For information, e-mail Rolf Granlund.

Oaken Heart

A 1993 award-winning, 105 pages RoS zine that covers all the seasons and characters of the show, issed by P.L. Heyes. Contents: Mother-Of-Acorns (2 pages); The First Calling (7 pages); Miller's Sons (11 pages); Treading The Royal Road (5 pages); Feet First (8 pages); Thy True Heritage (11 pages); False Impressions (18 pages); The Major Oak's Tale (6 pages).

The Original Robin Hood Zine

This zine was published in 1987.

Outlaw Tales

A 1995 RoS fanzine, 182pp, with lilac card covers and b&w cover/inside art. Fiction and poerty. Published by Cindy Barwin and Kitty Gamarra.

The Pit of Fear

The Pit of Fear is a RoS novella from 1993.


A 1988 RoS 'zine.

Robin and Marion

Robin and Marion was publised in 1992.

Robin of Loxley: The Missing Years

This is an adult novel written by Sharon Wells, published in 1992 by Dapplewood Press and 249 pages long (24 chapters).
Available from New Leaf Productions.

Robin of Sherwood: The Early Years

This is a 1992 general RoS anthology written by Sharon Wells.
Available from New Leaf Productions.

The Sacrificial King

A general RoS 'zine from 1991 around concept of the King who lives and dies for his land, 63, pages from Sonic Screwdriver/Osiris Publications. Contents: The August King - Linda Ruth Pioneer; The Shape of Shadows - Mary Robertson; Edward's Story - Mary Robertson; Husband - Mary Robertson; Blood Ties - Lisa Mudano.
Available from Agent With Style.

Saxon Chronicles

Saxon Chronicles focuses on the Anglo-Saxon heritage of the Merries with stories which feature Saxon magical/mystical elements, illustrate the conflict between Saxon and Norman, etc. Editors are Louise Bath and Georgia Fleming. They currently have 3 volumes available:
  1. Saxon Chronicles #1 - 1996
  2. Scirwude (Saxon Chronicles #2) - 1998
  3. Travellers Tales (multimedia, many crossovers, several RoS stories) - 1998
Saxon Chronicles #3, Yngland's Boc, was to appear in 2003. Submissions for further zines are welcome, guidelines are available. For more information, see the Saxon Chronicles website.

For North America the zines are available from their agent, Agent With Style. Saxon Chronicles is also available from New Leaf Productions.

Shadows and Travellers

This long (85 pages) story by Cath Knowles is set after Series One. It was published in 1987 by Empathy in the UK.

Shadow Twin

A RoS slash (Robin of Loxley / Robert of Huntington) novella by Linda Frankel.
Available from Agent With Style.

Sherwood Digest

Sherwood Digest was published in 1987.

Sherwood Legacy

Sherwood Legacy (issues 1-3) by Kitty Gamarra & Cindy Barwin is a RoS shared universe/novella/anthology from 1991-1993.
Published by Antlered Press (US). Available from New Leaf Productions.
Sherwood Legacy 1: 1991, 217 pages, Comb Bound. Contents: A Long Way Home (70 pages); Storm Clouds (15 pages); Merry Part (13 pages); Family and Friends (16 pages); A Gift Freely Given (10 pages); The Budding Branch (12 pages); Sword Of Power (34 pages); Of Sons and Fathers (31 pages).
Sherwood Legacy 2: 1992, 229 pages, Comb Bound. Contents: Choices; Past, Present, Future; Sword Dance; You Can't Go Home Again; Choices; The King Of Fools; Merry Met Again; The Living Of Life; Tribute; Starting Over; Nothing Is Forgotten; Night Visit; Reflections.
Sherwood Legacy 3: 1993 US fiction zine. 165pp, B&W cover illo of Loxley, Huntingdon & Belleme. Card covers, A4, spiral bound. Series of interlinked pieces. Darkness Over Sherwood, Herne's Choice & Woodland King - J Toomey; Season of Change, The Wolf Trap & Renewal - K Gamarra; Sherwood Nativity, Nothing's Forgotten & The Changing of the Guard - C Barwin; Nasir, Robert of Huntingdon, David, John Little, The Forest God & Blessed Be - P Middleton; Samhain - T Parrish; Shure Would Be Good - King John.

Sherwood Scrolls

Sherwood Scrolls 1 is 'zine from 1992, Sherwood Scrolls 2 appeared in 1995.

Sherwood Tunnels

Sherwood Tunnels is a Beauty & The Beast / Robin of Sherwood multi-media fanzine by Dianne M. Smith. Sherwood Tunnels 3/4 was published in 1990, Sherwood Tunnels 8 was published in 1993.

The Siege of Huntingdon

A 1988 71-pages general RoS story by Kathryn Pepmiller Connery. Prequel to 'The Lady of Sherwood' (1991). A vision from Herne sends Robin Hood racing to save his ancestral lands from confiscation, and his sister from an unwanted political marriage. While Robin and his men ride toward Huntingdon, the king's men besiege the castle.
Available from Agent With Style.

Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow by Julie Phipps is a long-running (issues 1-6), British RoS zine.
Available from New Leaf Productions.
Silver Arrow Part V - Rebirth: 1993, comb-bound, 204 pages, clear plastic sheet over color front cover, heavily illustrated. Fiction and poetry by Frank O. Dodge, Laura Todd, Sheila Waters, Jacquie Groom, Steve Sneyd, Denyse Bridger and more.

Sunset over Sherwood

A 1998 RoS novella written and illustrated by D. Linn, published by Dragonbane Press, 62 pages.


Sword 1 was published in 1993, Sword 2 in 1996.

Tales from Sherwood

A RoS 'zine from 1988, 139 pages. Contents: The Curse; Dark Heart; The Blessing; The Man From Spain; Robin In The Hood; Robbin' The Hood; The Guy Behind Gisburne (interview with Robert Addie).

Traveller's Tales

A RoS 'zine from 1998.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life (1-4) is a very good general RoS 'zine by Todd Parish that appeared between 1991 and 1993.
Available from New Leaf Productions.
Tree of Life 1: 1991, 214pp. Contents: The Outlaw; Innocent Betrayal; Marion's Battle; Sanctuary; The History of Wayland the Smith; Guardian; The Feast of Samhain; Marion's Home; Absalom, A "Lady of Clun" Vignette; A Charm of Making; Night Shades; "You Trust..."; Miracles; The Birds of Rhiannon.
Tree of Life 2: 1991, 195+pp, card covers, B&W front & back cover art (Loxley & Marion), B&W illos, spiral comb bound, cartoons. Contents: Cold Stone Walls, A Knock at the Door, A Knight at the Inn - T O'Shea; Lord of the Trees, Waiting, Love's Diamond, The Ring of Truth - J Toomey; The Newest of HIs Children - M Whitney; The Promised Land, The Earl's Son, Horizons - J Phipps; At Last, Water Wood & Standing Stone, The Mommet, The King of May, Samhain, Wild Edric - JP Reedman; Faith, Forgiveness, A Call To Duty, SOuls & Symbols, Guardian - T Parrish; Rainstorm - J VanMeter; Shell Game - C Fairbanks; Stolen Moments, Divided Self - Pen; The Lady of the Arrow, Seclusion - A Schowyrs; The Witch & The Nobleman, Not A Sacred King, Lady Marion - E MacCutcheon; New Blood - Rache; Nosferatu - N Hutchins; Homecoming - L Chevening; To Live in Hope - K Gamarra; Much 2 Much - D Hamlin.
Tree of Life 3: 1992, 235pp, card & paper covers, colour cover illo of Huntingdon, back cover of Loxley & Marion (I think), b&w illos, spiral comb bound. Contents: Where There's a Will - J Strohm; Ballad of the Maid in the Wood, Unspoken Fears, Silent Companion, I'll Gae No More A-Hunting Now - J VanMeter; Dark Nights Haunted Knights, Terrible Beauty, Mad Prisoner's Poem, Resurrection, Wilder Than Wolves, Do You Dream of Me? - JP Reedman; Captive - K Gamarra; Turn of the Wheel - C Fairbanks; The Wanderings of Odysseus, Open Sesame - K Campbell; Great Expectations - L Chevening & Maddog; Sense & Nobility - J Phipps; Vignette - JM Pellerin; Special Occasion - LW Todd; Albion - T Parrish; Numskulls - T Evans; Portrayal - CM Ambassador; Peace - T O'Shea; False Knight - L Doyle; A Sherwood Alphabet - Rache; Posterity - A Schowyrs.
Tree of Life 4: 1993, 194pp, b&w illos, spiral comb bound, colour cover illo of Huntingdon. Contents: The Hunter's Ride, Driven, Hidden Flames, First Lessons - J Van Meter; Safety in Sherwood (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), For Marion's Love, Robin the Barbarian, Forest God, Morgywn's Prayer - JP Reedman; Top 10 Rejection Lines from RoS - J Mailander; The Reluctant Bridegroom, Help Wanted - L Todd; The Final Battle - JT; The Wild Hunt - T Evans; Baubles and Ballads Are Not Enough - L Pamig; The Viw - Mikka; Could Country - Galveston; Sorrow Like Thine, Dance With a Ghost, I Need a Carpenter Hero - K Campbell; The Disinheritance - L Chevening; Herne's Voice, Love's Obligations, Take Plight, Twenty Years Passing - T Parrish, Final Thoughts - Martin'O; Kin to Merlin - E Gustafson; Son of the Forest - C Fairbanks; Words - Rache.

Turn of the Wheel

Good general 1992 RoS 'zine plus shared-universe RoS stories from MaryAnn McKinnon, 205+ pages, comb-bound, illustrated, clear plastic sheet over color front cover. Authors include Denyse Bridger, Janet Reedman, Linda Frankl, Todd Parrish, Julie Phipps, Jacquie Groom and more. Art by Frances Quinn, Tara O'Shea, Michelle West. Barb Johnson and more.
Turn of the Wheel 2 was expected to come out in 2005.

Under The Greenwood Tree

Under The Greenwood Tree 1, 90pp, A4 sized staple-bound card-covered Australian Robin of Sherwood fanzine from 1989 (1995?). Contents include 13 stories, 7 poems, 2 non-fiction articles and b&w illus throughout, including back and front cover b&w art. Back cover has b&w picture of Nasir.


A 1997 award-winning Robin of Sherwood anthology zine by Rache. Full-color front cover depicting both Robins, Marion, all merries, b/w back cover depicting Guy and the Sheriff, 238 pages, 15 stories, 21 poems and filks, 65 pages with illustrations.


Wolfshead appeared in 1986 and was the first RoS fanzine. It is a collection of 11 stories (including one slash), 48 pages, and published by Empathy.

Sellers of multiple RoS fanzines

Most of the RoS paper fanzines are long since out of print. Below are some sources where you can still obtain them.

New Leaf Productions

New Leaf Productions has the following RoS fanzines: Legend, Saxon Chronicles, Legends of the Greenwood, Tree of Life, Sherwood Legacy, Forbidden Forest, Silver Arrow, In the Shadow of the Wheel, Robin of Loxley: The Missing Years, Robin of Sherwood: The Early Years, etc.
New Leaf Productions
Peg Kennedy & Linda Knights
413B 19th Street
Suite 121
Lynden, WA 98264

Agent With Style

Agent With Style has the following RoS fanzines: Albion 7-13 (except 11), Jewel of Sherwood, The Sacrificial King, The Lady of Sherwood, Saxon Chronicles 1 & 2, Shadow Twin, The Siege of Huntingdon, Tales from Sherwood.
Agent With Style
9821 Hawkins Creamery Road
Damascus, MD 20872-2339
WWW: Agent with Style - Robin of Sherwood zines


eBay often has RoS fanzines up for auction. Beware of the shipping costs: the paper fanzine can be quite heavy!

RoS Fanfic on The Net

Most new fanfic nowdays is published on the Internet. Here are a few links to on-line RoS fanfic:

RoS Newsletters & Letterzines

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication to provide information of interest to fans.
A letterzine is a non-fiction 'zine that allowes discussion and chat among groups of fans, in the days before email, mailing lists, and the Internet were available.
Although the RoS newsletters and letterzines did not exclusively contain fanfic, they usually did feature fan (cover) art, poems, cartoons, etc. and the occasional fanfic.

Cousins (1991-1993)

RoS Letterzine that ran for fourteen issues. Regular topics were mysticism, spirituality and religion. has several Cousins issues (# 1-8 + # 13) on-line (text-only).


Fenris 1: A5, cardboard cover, stapled. Combines fiction, non-fiction, drama, humour, b&w illus and cartoons in a beguiling mixture of good stories and British silliness and irreverence. Also contains a little info sheet.
Fenris 2: A5, 52pp, stapled. A very silly zine, and all the better for it. :-) Contents include letters of comment; fiction; articles on falconry, magic/witchcraft in RoS, medieval food, King Richard's prison, and Robert of Huntingdon; interviews with Terry Walsh and Clannad; stage and book reviews.

Herne's Stepchildren (1989-?)

RoS Letterzine. Successor of Quarterstaff. There were at least 8 issues.

Journal of Friends of Robin of Sherwood (1990-1993)

The club newsletter of the US RoS fanclub 'Friends of Robin of Sherwood'.
There were at least 2 issues.

Michael Praed Network Newsletter (1991-2003)

The club newsletter of the US Michael Praed fanclub 'Michael Praed Network'.

Nothing's Forgotten (1995-1999)

The club newsletter of the UK RoS fanclub 'Nothing's Forgotten', 11 issues were published. The newsletters covered the series in detail, with in-depth episode guides & character profiles, plus information on the actors and RoS events, articles about the historical and magical aspects of the series, and about other versions of the Robin Hood legend.
Nothing's Forgotten 1: 1995, 19pp. Contents: episode guide Robin Hood and the Sorceror; Who's Who in Robin of Sherwood; Nottingham, home of a Legend; Excalibur 93 con review.
Nothing's Forgotten 2: 1995, 30pp. Contents: episode guide The Witch of Elsdon; RoS Quaffing Game; Greenwood IV con review; Patrick Bergin Robin Hood review; Clannad RoS lyrics.
Nothing's Forgotten 3: 1996, 31pp. Contents: episode guide Seven Poor Knights from Acre; Jeremy Bulloch spotlight; Robin I vs Robin II; Sean Connery Robin & Marian review; Knight Templar history 1.
Nothing's Forgotten 4: 1996, 34pp. Contents: episode guide Alan a Dale; Clive Mantle spotlight; Albion 96 con review; Guy of Gisburne character profile; Robin Hood - Men in Tights review.
Nothing's Forgotten 5: 1996, 42pp. Contents: episode guide The King's Fool; Nickolas Grace spotlight; Copacabana review; Locations guide 1; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves review; RoS on The Internet; Greenwood Tarot.
Nothing's Forgotten 6: 1997, 38pp. Contents: episode guide The Prophesy; Order of Assassins history; Nasir character profile; The Adventures of Robin Hood review; Knights Templar history 2; Locations guide 2.
Nothing's Forgotten 7: 1998, 32pp. Contents: episode guide The Children of Israel; Judi Trott & Phil Rose spotlight; Locations guide 3; Maid Marion; The New Adventures of Robin Hood episode summary; interview RoS costume designer; Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest review.
Nothing's Forgotten 8: 1997, 38pp. Contents: episode guide Lord of the Trees; Silver Arrow 97 con review; Abbot Hugo character profile; Disney's Robin Hood review; timeline series 1 & 2.
Nothing's Forgotten 9: 1998, 35pp. Contents: episode guide The Enchantment, Robin Hood in Space (RoS vs Blake's 7); John Abineri & James Coombes spotlight; The New Adventures of Robin Hood review.
Nothing's Forgotten 10: 1999, 32pp. Contents: episode guide The Sowrds of Wayland; Wayland the Smith; Ivanhoe review; Silver Arrow 98 con review; Grendel character profile.
Nothing's Forgotten 11: 1999, 36pp. Contents: episode guide The Greatest Enemy; Locations guide 3; Nasir's Lines.

On Target (1990-2000)

The club newsletter of the US RoS fanclub Spirit of Sherwood, founded in 1990. Successor of Quarterstaff. There were 25 issues published. For more information, see the On Target page.

Quarterstaff (1986-1989)

The first RoS letterzine. There were 6 issues published. Succeeded by Herne's Stepchildren.

Sherwood (1986-1988)

The club newsletter of the UK RoS fanclub 'Forest'.

Sherwood's Voices (1995-?)

US RoS Letterzine.

A Shot in the Dark (1985-1990)

The club newsletter of the first RoS fanclub, 'Robin Hood North American Branch' (ROSNAB). Succeeded by Spirit of Sherwood with On Target.

Tales of Sherwood Forest (2000-)

This was a regular RoS fan magazine / newsletter, started in November 2000. It was publised by Eric De Bock and Anne-Marie Caluwaert. The last paper issue was #21 (September 2007). In August 2008 it went on-line on Yahoo! Groups.
WWW: Tales of Sherwood Forest website
Tales of Sherwood Forest mail list

Wolfshead (1986-1988)

The club newsletter of the UK RoS fanclub 'The Robin of Sherwood Society'.

Wolfshead (1994-2002)

A UK RoS club/newsletter since September 1994, the magazine wound up in 2002 due to the popularity of Internet newsgroups and the editor's ill health. The quarterly issues of 30-38 pages contained a fan letter column, cast news, (old) clippings, convention news, con reports, cast news, articles, information, reviews of stuff the cast have been involved in recently, etc. and each issue had a colour photo on the cover for members to collect & keep. Wolfshead was issued by Janet P. Reedman.

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