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Albion replicas

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These 24" x 35" (approx 61 x 89 cm) full color posters were originally released in 1984* (Michael Praed, AA182) and 1986 (Jason Connery, AA231) by Anabas (Bridge Close, Romford Essex RM7 0AU, UK) and are now out of production.

InterGalactic Trading Company is regulary auctioning these posters off on eBay.

HTV Cards

This is a set of cards that HTV released in the mid 1980s to promote the Robin of Sherwood series (long out of print).


In 2006 Anne Swaine ordered two batches of RoS wristbands to be made: white ones with "BLESSED BE" and dark green ones with "NOTHING'S FORGOTTEN, NOTHING IS EVER FORGOTTEN" on it.

She had some more of the green ones made. Medium and large are still available, GBP 2.50 each. Free postage to UK, will ship overseas (usually GBP 1.50 extra outside UK). Contact:

Albion runes engraved plaques

In 2011 Ian Chin started to make plaques (aluminium and copper) with the Albion runes engraved on them.
For enquiries contact:


Ludicris Cake Toppers makes little RoS figurines. You can buy them from their website (but they are not yet added to the shop) or via They start at GBP 45 upwards depending on amount of detail involved.
On the The Hooded Man facebook you can find pictures of creator Chris Mockridge, his RoS figurines and their human originals at The Hooded Man II convention in 2016.

Magazines with articles on RoS

Most of the magazines mentioned below pop up at Internet auctions like eBay.


Starburst was the longest running UK Sci-Fi Magazine (1978-2009).
Starburst #83, July 1985:
An interview with Richard Carpenter, including color and b/w photos from the early days of the show (featuring Michael Praed as Robin Hood). Also: The Max Headroom Show with Annabel Jankel.
Starburst #92, April 1986:
A color cover of Jason Connery as Robin Hood and a feature article on RoS with color and b/w photos (episode guide). Also: Jewel of the Nile preview with Michael Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, Young Sherlock Holmes preview, The Champions (William Gaunt and Stuart Damon), Directing Nightmare on Elm Street, D.A.R.Y.L.
Starburst #93, May 1986:
A long interview with Jason Connery on his role as Robin Hood, including many photos. Also: Jewel of the Nile feature article, Return of the Jedi, Arnold Schwarzenegger interview, Fright Night, Zone Troopers.
Starburst #95, July 1986:
A 4 page interview with Judi Trott as Maid Marion in Robin of Sherwood. Also: directing Enemy Mine, The Greatest American Hero, Highlander preview, sneak preview of Star Trek IV, The Hands of the Ripper.
Starburst back issues are available from Visual Imagination.


Starlog was the US counterpart of Starburst (1976-2009).
Starlog #126, January 1988:
Marina Sirtis. Schwarzenegger. Macnee. Bill Paxton. Robin of Sherwood (Michael Praed). Robert Hays. B&B.
The interview with Michael Praed, titled Legends of the Hooded Man, from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.
Starlog #151, February 1990:
Alien Nation (Gary Graham). War of the Worlds (Denis Forest). Land of the Giants (Gary Conway). Star Trek (Nichelle Nichols). The Day the Earth Stood Still. Robin of Sherwood (Creator Richard Carpenter). Back to the Future (Michael J. Fox). Richard Matheson. Star Trek (Denise Crosby/Tasha Yar). James Coburn.
Starlog #161, December 1990:
Valkenvania (Dan Aykroyd). Jack Nance (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead). Suzie Plakson (Star Trek The Next Generation). George R.R. Martin (Beauty and the Beast). Hal Clement. Bruce Joel Rubin (Ghost, Jacob's Ladder). Predator 2 (Jim and John Thomas, Stephen Hopkins). Buck Rogers. Liam Neeson (Darkman). Jane Wyatt (Star Trek, Lost Horizon). Robin of Sherwood episode guide (Michael Praed, Jason Connery). Tribute: Jack Gilford, Jock Mahoney, Graham Chapman.
Starlog #166, May 1991:
Car Warriors. Mom and Dad Save the World (Greg Beeman). Robin of Sherwood (Mark Ryan). The Many Advantures of Robin Hood (Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, many more). Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Kevin Kostner). Rocketeer (William Campbell). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (Paige Turco). War of the Worlds episode guide.
The interview with Mark Ryan, titled "Saracen Sentiments", from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.
Starlog #175, February 1992:
Roddenberry Salute. Robin of Sherwood (Nickolas Grace). Star Trek (William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Michael Dorn). Avengers (Patrick Macnee). Star Wars. Land of the Lost sfx.
The interview with Nickolas Grace, titled "The Man Who Killed Robin Hood", from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.
Starlog #179, June 1992:
Robin of Sherwood (Clive Mantle). Time Tunnel (Robert Colbert). Trancers (Tim Thomerson). B&B. Alien. Batman Returns.
The interview with Clive Mantle, titled "Little John in Space", from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.
Starlog #180, July 1992:
Godzilla. James Darren (The Time Tunnel, The Guns of Navarone, T.J. Hooker). Mariette Hartley (classic Star Trek, Encino Man, The Incredible Hulk). Tim Burton (Batman Returns). Lance Henriksen (Alien 3). Gene Nelson (director classic Star Trek). Robin of Sherwood (Judi Trott). Ben Chapman (Creature from the Black Lagoon). Cliff Eidelman (composer Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country).
The interview with Judi Trott, titled "Marion of Sherwood", from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.
Starlog #188, March 1993:
Time Trax (producer Harve Bennet). DS9 (Terry Farrell). Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Doug Adams). Robin of Sherwood (Ray Winstone). Red Dwarf (Chris Barrie). Babylon 5 (Andreas Katsulas).
The interview with Ray Winstone, titled "Forest Psychotic", from this issue can be found on Alison Carter's "Scarlet Inside" Ray Winstone tribute site.
Starlog #195, October 1993:
Piller. Robin of Sherwood (Michael Praed). War of the Worlds (Ann Robinson). Star Trek:TNG Best 25 Episodes.
Starlog #244, November 1997:
Earth: Final Conflict (Majel Roddenberry). Patrick Stewart. X-Files. Phil Rose in a 3-page photo article titled "Merry Memories" on playing Friar Tuck in Robin of Sherwood. Starship Troopers (Casper Van Dien). Men In Black animated series (William Gibson). 3rd Rock From the Sun (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Fairy Tale: A True Story (Charles Sturridge).
Starlog Yearbook Vol. 9, September 1991:
Terminator 2 - Judgement Day. Edward Scissorhands. Behind the scenes of Back to the Furture Trilogy plus animated Marty McFly. Totall Recall. Bill & Ted. Time Traveller (Rod Taylor). Interviews: Patrick Swayze (Ghost), Tim Burton, Christopher Lee, Leslie Nielsen (Forbidden Planet), Eric Idle, Billy Gray, Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap), Michael Praed and Richard Carpenter on Robin of Sherwood, Michael Ironside.
The interviews with Michael Praed and Richard Carpenter , under the title "Legends of the Hooded Man", from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.
Starlog Platinum 3, 1994:
Star Trek. Beauty and the Beast. Deep Space 9. The X-Files. Maverick. Time Bandits. Seaquest. Badman. Robocop. Babylon 5. Red Dwarf. Spiderman. Ian Sharp, director of Robin of Sherwood 4 page photo article. Voyage to the bottom of the Sea.
The interview with Ian Sharp, titled "Director of Sherwood", from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.

TV Zone

TV Zone was the UK's/world's longest running cult TV magazine (1989-2009).
TV Zone #11, October 1990 :
Star Trek The Next Generation, Doctor Who, Fantasy Flashback: Robin of Sherwood (The Swords of Wayland episode).
TV Zone #21, August 1991 :
Blake's 7's slinky Supreme Commander interviewed - Jacqueline Pearce gives the orders! Robin of Sherwood's John Abineri recalls his role as Herne the Hunter, and his appearances in Doctor Who in a 4-page photo interview. Star Trek: the Next Generation - script consultant Eric Stillwell on writing Yesterday's Enterprise. Doctor Who sound effects maestros Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills reveal how the TARDIS is really powered by an old piano. Fantasy flashback to Max Headroom.
The interview with John Abineri, titled "King of the Swampies", from this issue can be found on Ambersky's Robin of Sherwood Website.
TV Zone #26, January 1992:
Bumper Christmas Issue! Doctor Who companion Frazer Hines recalls swashbuckling Highlander Jamie McCrimmon. Novelising Star Trek: writers explain how to make the series work in print. The legend of Robin of Sherwood revealed. Red Dwarf V preview, including interviews with writers Rob Grant and Doug Naylor and director Juliet May. Starship captains assessed. Blake's 7 and Doctor Who guest star Pamela Salem recalls her roles, including Into the Labyrinth's witch Belor. Thunderbirds voice artist Matt Zimmerman interviewed. Plus: Twin Peaks episode guide.
TV Zone #46, September 1993:
Red Dwarf VI: Behind the scenes on Rimmerworld. Avengers and Prisoner writer Terence Feely recalls writing for sixties adventurers. Star Trek director Alexander Singer describes Scotty's return to the Enterprise in Relics. Catweazle and Robin of Sherwood creator Richard Carpenter interviewed. Deep Space 9 first season episode guide, and fantasy flashback to Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles.
TV Zone #86, Bumper issue January 1997:
Hercules and Sinbad - Kevin Sorbo and Zen Geissner interviewed as swash-buckling heroes from the age of adventure hit the screen. Casualty's Clive Mantle recalls his time as Robin of Sherwood's Little John. Classic TV themes on disc and tape. Plus: Space: Above and Beyond and Babylon 5 third season episode guides, Jean-Marc L'Officier on chronicling the history of Doctor Who.
TV Zone Special #8, Cult TV - The Eighties 1993:
Blake's 7, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Who, Robin of Sherwood, War of the Worlds, Edge of Darkness, Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek TNG.
TV Zone Special #9, Supervillains 1993:
An A to Z of Supervillains: Just about every sci-fi and fantasy villain is described. Space: 1999: A review of costume designs used for aliens. Doctor Who: Philip Madoc is interviewed about the different villains he played on Doctor Who. Fantasy Flashback: The original Tomorrow People. Batman: An interview with "Catwoman" Julie Newmar plus a pull-out poster from the 1966 TV series. Robin of Sherwood: An interview with Nickolas Grace, the Sheriff of Notingham. Star Trek Next Generation lost episodes. Blake's 7: Brian Croucher (Travis) is interviewed. Fantasy Flashback: Star Trek classic series.
TV Zone Special #40, Sword and Sorcery Special 2001:
Features a look at the history of magic on American television. Contains articles on How Magic has always been at the heart of Buffy. Magic in British TV shows. Producer Ben Kern talks about Charmed, and an in depth episode guide of season two. Phil Rose, alias Friar Tuck as he brings to mind all those merry days in Sherwood Forest. Articles on Xena, Hercules, Beastmaster, Highlander, Sheena, Queen of Swords, and Doctor Who.
TV Zone back issues are available from Visual Imagination.


Epi-log was a US television magazine devoted to episode listings of science fiction, fantasy, drama, and adventure shows (1990-????). They did episode guides, original air dates, and cast photos for each series.
Epi-log #11, October 1991:
Fireball XL5. Joe 90. Stingray (1964). Star Cops. Dr. Who (seasons 1-13). Space: 1999. The Tripods. Robin of Sherwood - pictures of cast ensemble, Michael Praed, Jason Connery. The Tomorrow People (1973). Sapphire and Steel.
Epi-log #29, April 1993:
My Partner, the Ghost. The Protectors. Star Cops. Mystery and Imagination. Aliens in the Family. The Persuaders. Man in a Suitcase. Blake's 7. Robin of Sherwood - episode guide, pictures of cast ensemble, Michael Praed, Jason Connery. Stingray.


Look-in - subtitled "The Junior TVTimes" - was a long running (1971-1994) children's magazine centred around ITV's television programmes in the UK. It ran a two-page RoS comic (some of them in colour, but most in black and white) between 1984 and 1986.
Look-In #18, 28 April 1984:
A cover photo of Michael Praed as Robin of Loxley, 4 centre pages with an article on RoS and a poster of Robin, and RoS comic strips. Also: Michael Jackson (feature), Nik Kershaw (back page pin-up), and comic strips of The Fall Guy, Danger Mouse, Bucks Fizz, Knight Rider & Canon and Ball.
Look-In #11, 6 March 1985:
Michael Praed in Robin of Sherwood on the cover on the cover as well as the 4 centre pages, and RoS comic strips. Also: Dempsey and Makepeace (back page colour profile) and comic strips of Danger Mouse, Knight Rider, the A-Team, Super-Gran, & Cannon and Ball.
Look-In, 5 April 1985:
A cover photo of the Hooded Man, a two-page article on RoS. Also: The A-Team, Morten Harket (giant fold-out poster).
Look-In #25, 15 June 1985:
Michael Praed on the cover as well as a 2 page article, and RoS comic strips. Also: Kim Wilde (centre pages) and comic strips of Danger Mouse, Street Hawk, the A-Team, Super-Gran, & Cannon and Ball.
Look-In #18, 26 April 1986:
A cover photo of Jason Connery as Robert of Huntingdon, RoS centre-fold poster, 2 pages Jason Connery interview with pictures, and RoS comic strips. Also: Michael J Fox, the A-Team, Knight Rider & Alias the Jester, Amazulu back cover.
Look-In, Annual 1988:
A colour photo of Michael Praed (inside of back cover) jumping off a cliff during the filming of The Swords of Wayland with an inset picture of the rest of the cast being filmed and an illustrated eight page b&w comic style spread of a special presentation of an early story from Look-In called Herne's Warning. Also: Alf, Anneka Rice in Treasure Hunt, Mel & Kim, Danger Mouse, A-Team comics, Inspector Gadget and 5 Star.

Various magazines

Cult Times

Cult Times #17, February 1997:
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Nana Visitor on her role as Kira Nerys. Red Dwarf VII: The girl from another dimension - Chloë Annett discusses Kristine Kochanski. An Instant Guide to Babylon 5. Millenium: Killer hunter - Lance Henriksen on the mind of Frank Black. Sliders: Jerry O'Connell on the alternatives for Quinn Mallory. Robin of Sherwood - overview as Carlton Select re-shows the popular 80s series. The X-Files: Ghost In The Machine & Ice reviewed. News: Crime Traveller launched.
Cult Time back issues are available from Visual Imagination.


DreamWatchBulletin #101, May 1992:
Photo novel of 'The Savages'. Speculation about a fourth season of RoS.
The article by Tim Munro, titled "Return of the Wolf", from this issue can be found on the Swashbuckler's Webpage.
DreamWatch #3, December 1994:
Star Trek (classic, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine) - A candid interview with Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Doctor Who - An analysis of year two's The Giants (with 4 photos) + an article about More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS (with 2 photos). Shakedown - A review of the new Sontaran story (with 4 color photos). The Man from UNCLE - A 30th anniversary analysis of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (with 3 photos). Dark Shadows - The story of both TV series (with 3 photos). Robin of Sherwood - A 10th anniversary review of the series (with 4 photos).
The text of the RoS article, titled "Nothing is ever Forgotten", can be found in the mailing list archive (accessible by E-mail for members) of the RoS mailing list.

Time Screen

Time Screen #15, Spring 1990:
Robin of Loxley (Michael Praed) front cover picture. Feature on Richard Carpenter (Catweazle, RoS, Ghosts of Motley Hall) - 4 pages. Robin of Sherwood episode guide - 5 pages. Freewheelers. Hammer House of Horror. British Telefantasy video guide. Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy) back cover photo.

SFX (Science Fiction Xtra) Magazine

SFX Magazine #168, April 2008:
Doctor Who. Rewind: Robin of Sherwood. Catweasel.
Scans from the RoS retrospective can be found on the Fanfare Forum.


Infinity #18, April 2019:
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (8 pages inc poster). The Sweeney (8 pages). Robin of Sherwood (4 pages). Scriptwriting legend Dennis Spooner (3 pages). ITC stalwart Peter Wyngarde (6 pages). Cult radio Aliens in The Mind (2 pages). Westworld film and TV series (7 pages inc poster). BBC tv's Neverwhere (4 pages). The Martian Chronicles (4 pages). British comic Starlord (3 pages).

RoS Memorabilia

On YourProps the extensive collections of RoS memorabilia of hoodedman and spfx138 are on display.

One of the Outlaws of Greenwood (formerly the Bowmen of Woodland) owns some of the original Robin & Robert costumes from RoS.

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